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Lesson of the Day

from the Workbook of A Course In Miracles

Lesson 37

My Holiness Blesses The World.

This idea contains the first glimmerings of your true function in the world, or why you are here. Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness. Thus are you and the world blessed together. No one loses; nothing is taken away from anyone; everyone gains through your holy vision. It signifies the end of sacrifice because it offers everyone his full due. And he is entitled to everything because it is his birthright as a Son of God.

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Thought of the Day from
A Spiritual Teacher’s Notebook

You suffer from a single all-encompassing disease. You have a bad case of “worldliness”. You must admit to the disease because it actually is your total state of mind. All consciousness on earth is a continuing adjustment to the inevitability of termination.

Your choice is finally only between various forms of disease and death! How painfully futile. As the absolute craziness of this situation becomes more and more obvious to you, you may well develop a case of “Godliness”. You usually treat it with nostrums of false reality. World consciousness must protect itself from someone with a bad case of the “Godlies” even to the drastic remedy of crucifixion.

Remember that the world’s only remedy for Godliness is finally death. You persistently prescribe it for yourself and others when the threat of love becomes too pervasive. It’s OK to have a little Godliness, as long as it remains treatable. Remember though, that death is your natural state and that you must finally, at any cost, defend yourselves from love and eternal freedom.

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