I Am Not A Body I Am Free At Last

The End Of This Sequence Of Time

Τίτλος:I Am Not A Body I Am Free At Last
Υπότιτλος :The End Of This Sequence Of Time
Σειρές:The Entangled Teleportation Series
Διάρκεια:58:29 min
Κωδικός βίντεο:ET-06
WORKBOOK: Part II: What Is The Body? [para 1-5]
SCIENCE ARTICLE: Understanding The Cosmos: Milky Way
TEXT: CHAPTER 21: Introduction [para 1]
LESSON 167: There Is One Life, And That I Share With God. [para 1-3]
TEXT: CHAPTER 26: The Little Hindrance [para 5]
LESSON 152: The Power Of Decision Is My Own. [para 1-6, 10]

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