Is Healing Certain?

Discovering A Brand New Parameter Of Time

Episode II

Τίτλος:Is Healing Certain?
Υπότιτλος :Discovering A Brand New Parameter Of Time
Επεισόδιο :Episode II
Σειρές:The Manual for Teachers Series
Διάρκεια:57:20 min
Κωδικός βίντεο:TM-03b
LESSON 308: This Instant Is The Only Time There Is
MANUAL: Is Healing Certain?
TEXT: CHAPTER 27: The 'Hero' Of The Dream [para 6, 5]
LESSON 191: I Am The Holy Son Of God Himself. [para 1-3]
LESSON 163: There Is No Death. The Son Of God Is Free. [para 1]
MANUAL: Should Healing Be Repeated? [para 1]

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