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Lesson of the Day

from the Workbook of A Course In Miracles

Lesson 54

Review of Lessons 16 - 20

These are the review ideas for today:

(16) I have no neutral thoughts. Neutral thoughts are impossible because all thoughts have power. They will either make a false world or lead me to the real one. But thoughts cannot be without effects. As the world I see arises from my thinking errors, so will the real world rise before my eyes as I let my errors be corrected. My thoughts cannot be neither true nor false. They must be one or the other. What I see shows me which they are.

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The End Of Our Sojourn In Time

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Thought of the Day from
A Spiritual Teacher’s Notebook

To all so-called therapists:

You are confirming your death process by the specific application of your limited mind construct. If all opinions you have about yourself are false, and I assure you they are, why do you give more credence to some of them than others? Once and for all, Teachers of God, the opinions you have about yourself, or your teachings, have no validity. It is time you accepted the certainty that Truth has nothing to do with your idea about it. All of your thoughts are unreasonable because your idea about yourself is unreasonable. You will never succeed in making the unreal real.

You have become in your self-consciousness a big bundle of irresolution. These unresolved dilemmas keep cropping up to hurt you. They form the basis for all the defense mechanisms you have constructed as barriers to Truth. They all stem from a basis of fundamental denial of your own singular reality.

The notion of the absolute reality of a single Truth or Universal Consciousness is not in any way therapeutic to mankind. How ridiculous the notion that discovering the Truth is therapeutic to limited consciousness. It is just the opposite. If you insist on defining yourself as a therapist, remember that all disease is one singular unreasonable thought, and there is no thought outside of your own.

A Spiritual Teachers Notebook

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