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Lesson of the Day

from the Workbook of A Course In Miracles

Lesson 263

My Holy Vision Sees All Things As Pure.

Father, Your Mind created all that is, Your Spirit entered into it, Your Love gave life to it. And would I look upon what You created as if it could be made sinful? I would not perceive such dark and fearful images. A madman’s dream is hardly fit to be my choice, instead of all the loveliness with which You blessed creation; all its purity, its joy, and its eternal, quiet home in You.

And while we still remain outside the gate of Heaven, let us look on all we see through holy vision and the eyes of Christ. Let all appearances seem pure to us, that we may pass them by in innocence, and walk together to our Father’s house as brothers and the holy Sons of God.

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Thought of the Day

From A Spiritual Teacher’s Notebook

Having an idea has nothing at all to do with the idea itself.

The incredible distance between Hegel and Kierkegaard’s attempts to define self is very obvious here. While they both appear to be existentialists, the difference between their rationale is the exact distance between chaos and order (enlightenment). There is a gap between Hegel’s cause and effect. Very few human minds can as yet accept with certainty the universal truth that to have is to be. Yet this is what enlightenment is.

It is finally the only manner that death can awaken to eternity.

Thought of the Day

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