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The material presented in this website offers a proven direct method of restoring communication with the Creative Source of all that is or ever can or will be. It is an invitation to an immediate contact with the singular power of the reality of Eternal Life that is all about you.


Lesson of the Day

from the Workbook of A Course In Miracles

Lesson 230

Now Will I Seek And Find The Peace Of God.

In peace I was created. And in peace do I remain. It is not given me to change my Self. How merciful is God my Father, that when He created me He gave me peace forever. Now I ask but to be what I am. And can this be denied me, when it is forever true?

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The Catalyst Of Forgiving Love - Healing Target: Arthritis

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Thought of the Day from
A Spiritual Teacher’s Notebook

The whole civilization of man is just an oil slick on the King’s Highway.

What is a black hole to earth’s astronomers is actually a leak in the crank case of an old cosmic communicator’s 36 Studebaker.

A Spiritual Teachers Notebook

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