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The material presented in this website offers a proven direct method of restoring communication with the Creative Source of all that is or ever can or will be. It is an invitation to an immediate contact with the singular power of the reality of Eternal Life that is all about you.


Lesson of the Day

from the Workbook of A Course In Miracles


I Am Spirit.

Today’s idea identifies you with your one Self. It accepts no split identity, nor tries to weave opposing factors into unity. It simply states the truth. Practice this truth today as often as you can, for it will bring your mind from conflict to the quiet fields of peace. No chill of fear can enter, for your mind has been absolved from madness, letting go illusions of a split identity.

We state again the truth about your Self, the holy Son of God Who rests in you; Whose mind has been restored to sanity. You are the spirit lovingly endowed with all your Father’s Love and peace and joy. You are the spirit which completes Himself, and shares His function as Creator. He is with you always, as you are with Him.

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Thought of the Day

From A Spiritual Teacher’s Notebook

Faith is not arrived at by comparisons.

Perception restricts faith by definition.

Partial faith or commitment is impossible.
It is not faithlessness, but unfaithfulness.

Faithlessness is impossible.

Unfaithfulness is an attempt to establish faith in limitation.

Attempting to be faithful to “God and Country”
or “God and anything else” will always fail.

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