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A Spiritual Teachers Notebook

High Thoughts From A Later Day Master

About: Love • Truth • Universal Consciousness • Space/Time
Subjective Reality • Transformation • God and You

“The time has come on earth for the maturing and emergence of individuals with genuinely expanded ranges of consciousness/mind. Historically humans have described these individuals as Masters or avatars or adepts or initiates or even Saviors or Man-Gods. The accelerated evolution (or even revolution) of mind now in progress on the planet involves the metamorphosis of what can be termed later-day Masters.

The material contained herein is representational of the thinking of this sort of new mindedness. It is an absolutely enlightened order of thought.

Face it, the human race is finally going to have to look squarely at the idea of atonement or resurrection or a dramatic shift in self-identity or whatever else you call it. Listen carefully to me now for we are about to take a crucial step. It is absolutely imperative that you as an individual human being, seriously entertain the possibility that knowledge can be gained by an actual mind transformative process.”

- Master Teacher

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