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Bible Talks

You may be happily surprised to discover the light of an exciting, whole new understanding of New Testament scripture, if you will let the premises of your discernment be based on three simple postulations that Jesus teaches: There is one wholly-loving, eternally-creating God, who creates you and everything in the universe perfectly.

Though you appear separate from this creative Love, you may at any moment, using the power of your mind, return to Heaven through the transformation of this apparent physical and mental condition of loss of reality - to the memory that you are still always and only at home in Heaven.

In New Testament scripture, He is instructing you very specifically in the manner in which this is done. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, teaches the simple catechism of unconditional love, certainty of eternal life gained by revelation and resurrection through continuing uncompromising, unconditional surrender to the eternal, perfectly-creating Will of God.

The titles listed here are anthologies of transcripts of recorded talks
given through the revelatory mind of the Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles.
Very little editing has been done to the transcripts, in hope of maintaining
and conveying the exciting, spontaneous spiritual continuity.