Thought of the Day

from A Spiritual Teachers Notebook

Can you hear this –

Everything that you’re apparently thinking about right now will all ready have been.

The very most credit you can give the past is that it is gone.

Does it not seem strange to you that you attempt to base your whole self formulation on apparent events that are gone forever? How can your present effects be real if they have no cause? By the very necessity of cause and effect you past tense your future and cover now which is really the only time there is.

Now here’s the weirdest event of all.

Since the pain, disease and stress of self creation (that is self conceived sequential time) eventually becomes unbearable, you have, within your own genetic memory codes constructed your own annihilation.

Listen to me, “There is no such thing as death”.

Coming to enlightenment or awakening is a process of selective memory that eventually eliminates or refines all specific previous memories that hold you in the bondage of limited self conception.

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