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Thought of the Day

from A Spiritual Teachers Notebook

Who has a more deterministic idea about chance than Prigogine and Stengers (Order out of Chaos) or for that matter has a more chancy determinism.

The idea that apparent dissipation, that is loss of equilibrium or the onset of chaos is necessary in the universal onrush to unification is indeed observedly valid (as in “no pain, no gain”).

But their assertion that at the moment of maximum disorder chance would be involved in determining the state of the more unified system is unreasonable (illogical).

As a matter of fact, the whole concept of operations of increasing order is absolutely deterministic.

The idea of a synthesis between chance and necessity is dualistic silliness.

It is logically impossible that the idea of possibility (chance) and inevitability (determinism) not finally be one and the same thought.