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Thought of the Day

from A Spiritual Teachers Notebook

There’s an old bromide often repeated at the Masters Academy that says, when you’re dealing with a suddenly rapid paced consciousness maturation or mind metamorphosis as is happening on the planet earth, “the more that awaken, the more that awaken”. The awakening is contagious through the communication of Love.

The disease of fear that infests the human mind actually is not communicative. It is a state of consciousness. That is, any fear is all fear. Terror, is finally, very lonely. Love on the other hand is a moment by moment extension or expression of a whole self that is indeed very communicative and in that sense is an “Ease” that can be literally transmitted and caught. Almost everyone has come down with a case of Love at one time or another. Being objective and judgmental and based on limited conception of self, it of course never lasts very long.

But, listen to me, the moments and memories of love are accumulative. Since love is your own creative self-expression, the more you give, the more you have. In fact the only proof of having is giving. Finally total Love is nothing but total communication.

Love is a communicative “Ease