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Thought of the Day

from A Spiritual Teachers Notebook

It appears to theologians as though there is a conflict between determinism (what you call the inevitability of everything) and free will (which apparently gives you choice in what you think or what actions you take.) Actually, all earth consciousness is not an assertion, but rather a denial of free will. In reality, your will is absolutely unlimited and the limitations you place upon it are what bind you to the extermination process – that is aging and death. You suffer pain, are diseased and die by your own decision.

There is no alternative to your finally discovering that this must be true.

Your true nature, that is, what you are, is what the Will of God is, and it is absolutely determined that you are as free as your Father. There is no alternative to free will because it is what universal consciousness is.

This has nothing at all to do with what you think God is. It is the simple acknowledgment of a single source.

Determinism and free will are the single truth. Determinism is the cause, free will the effect. They are never apart. When we attest that universal mind is singular, we mean that literally. It is a single state of beingness. It is all that you are and you are all that it is.