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Good morning. Welcome to a virtual location in Cyberspace where at last we’re going to reveal to the world what happens here at a mind-training facility that we call, Endeavor Academy. We’ve invited you to be present with us in order for you, perhaps, to entertain, as everyone within this facility has done, the fundamental premise that we offer to you through A Course in Miracles the idea of a mind-training faculty or facility where you can realize your own enlightenment.

We’re gathered here in the Library of Endeavor Academy in Lake Delton, Wisconsin. And I’m called by this facility or the faculties of the world, either in acquiescence or denial, “Master Teacher.” Since I am described as a “Teacher of Teachers,” my concern, if you’ve been watching my videos, is that you perhaps entertain the idea that it is possible for us to communicate, using our minds.

The idea that we would continue to practice through the auspices of a mind training program, the actual notion that it’s possible to reach an evolutionary enlightened state of consciousness is what I’m attempting to describe to you now.

The expression of your acceptance of the offering of the light of my mind cannot not be an indication that you are releasing the defenses of your conceptual self.

The most difficult part about the initial training of A Course in Miracles is the fundamental premise that the miracle, that is, the creative certainty of an eternal Source of Totality of Creative Purpose, God, is in full operation all the time, with no procedural necessity for your definition of it.

The teaching is so fundamental that it should be obvious to you in just a moment that the rejection of the basic idea of eternal life occurs in the conceptual self. So that the teaching that we offer through this Workbook of A Course in Miracles is from the mind of Jesus Christ resurrected, who is instructing us on a complete alternative that represents for a moment, eternal life as a real substance possibility, not based on concepts at all.

So you’re sitting suddenly with me. You came to the Academy, or perhaps you came as a visitor to this site, and you’re sitting here, and are sharing with students the fundamental idea that there’s a practice of the relinquishment of your conceptual self that shows you an alternative within your own mind. Does that work? Does it? So that the expressions, the hyperbole of A Course in Miracles, that state so emphatically that you are the savior of the world, are indications that contained in the entirety of you, that is, your conceptual association with yourself, is a complete alternative that shows you as a representation of an entirety of form of mind as God created you.