From Addiction to Revelation

Collapsing Perceptual Sequential Time

A therapeutic application of your own perceptual constructions... I'm using the term therapy here in the sense that you are sick and can get well. Do you see? Obviously, it begins with the admission of the sickness which is what perceptual mind is. Perceptual mind says “I am sick because I'm not entirely happy with my circumstance, I am diseased, I will seek a solution.” Isn't that so? That's what it does, it's seeks a solution.


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The Final Vision

All Things I Think I See Reflect Ideas

How simple is salvation! All it says is what was never true is not true now, and never will be. The impossible has not occurred, and can have no effects. And that is all. Can this be hard to learn by anyone who wants it to be true? Only unwillingness to learn it could make such an easy lesson difficult. How hard is it to see that what is false can not be true, and what is true can not be false?


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The Presence Of The Christ Mind

Sharing Together Our True Identity With Jesus

We’re happy to see you again in the particulars of your discovery of the presence of the Christ Mind next to you at this time and place, not two thousand years ago and not last week. This is A Course In Miracles from the savior of this world, Jesus Christ, who is giving us an indication of the immediate capacity for you, in a continuing recognition of your self that you can perform acts of conversion within the light form that demonstrates ideas of correspondence of body, that will, what does our savior Jesus say? “Heal the sick and raise the dead.”


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One Problem, One Solution

The Joyous Undoing of Your Conceptual Self-Identity

Welcome to another lesson in A Course in Miracles. It's good to see you again within this memory package of the idea that we could have been separate from God. The idea that there is a systematic way at last for you in time to change your mind about who you thought you were within your own self identity, the idea that you were actually a human being; you're not.


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Reasoning To Light

I Am Responsible For What I See

Are you ready to enjoy another fifty-seven minutes with me? I want to express to you my gratitude, I’m speaking to all human beings on this little mud ball of nothing, contained within the idea that time could have lasted for more than a moment within your own dream of death.


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Resurrecting To Reality

The Expanding Realization Of Your True Self

I am very happy to see that you’ve stayed with me in the idea of the possibility of the resurrection of your body. This is our Course In Miracles and I am representing to you the advancement that I obtained through self-realization, the simple admission that the problems that confront you in this world could never be solved.


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Collaboration, Arbitration and the Meaninglessness of Fear

Mistake Not Truce For Peace

Fear is the necessity of self-definition. Fear and judgement are synonymous. Perceptual thought is a futile attempt to attack reality. Mistake not truce for peace. The Peace of God is not an arbitration. Arbitration is a meaningless attempt to retain the conflict of self-identity. Your opinions have nothing to do with reality. Death is nothing but a meaningless opinion.


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Quantum Enlightenment

Introducing The Mind Training of A Course In Miracles

Shall I just for a moment again attempt to teach ideas about a Course, an idea of mind training that would show me the difference in what I want to believe about myself? And that new ideas about what I want to see can increase the fabric of light association in a continuing recognition of, say to me, “a different place.”


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Inviting Death In

A Joyous Experience Of Light

Those of us, and there are many of us now who are sharing with me my predetermination that life had to be something besides coming here and aging and dying, are beginning to enjoy their overcoming, if we use the term of our savior, Jesus, their overcoming of death through the change of their mind about their association with who they think that they are. What I have offered you as an illuminate mind is the possibility, since you are a deciding factor of your own existent association, that you can decide at this moment that you don’t want to die.


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Stem Cell Miracle Healing

Demonstrating Your Resurrecting Capacity With Jesus

We are here to demonstrate in our own resurrecting capacity our individual ability, with you, to regenerate and proliferate our own adult stem cells within my body, and the capacity to demonstrate it within our ideas about our self.


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