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Sown In Thorns And Raised In Lilies

You are risen. You are risen indeed.

We are going to look at, in just a moment, the incredible idea of the reality of the resurrection, as you come to your truth, as is lived for the first time the reality of you in your maturity, in your coming into your new sense of consciousness.

If you really stop to think about it, of what significance would the resurrection, or ostensibly the resurrection, the overcoming of death of the carpenter two thousand years ago in Nazareth, have possibly to do with you? Yet in reality, if it doesn’t finally have to do with you, it has nothing to do with anything.

Nothing has ever occurred in what we would call the realm of space/time consciousness that did not have directly to do with you as you are at this moment, as you think of yourself. And, in fact, it has nothing at all to do with anything, except it directly pertains to your state of consciousness in attempts to identify the sense of beingness that you find yourself in at this moment. The true value of everything that has ever occurred, historically, in what is defined as history, or cause and effect, or relationships in fracturedism, have finally only to do with you now, at this moment, in regard to how it is re-cognized in your individual system of identity.

As I sit here with you, I have a perfect recollection of what occurs in the death process, of what happens when you die. I could give you very explicit details in regard to examination of the bardo, the feelings of the occurrence of the death and awakening process. The incredible sudden realization that there is no turning back at the time you enter the portal. The sudden determination to see it through at that point and retain identification of it, in the total abandonment of the process. The peace that passeth understanding, the ordeal is over and you come into the truth of recognition that you are still here, your still alive. The glory of the light that you behold and truth that comes about in you.

Jesus, in A Course In Miracles, says, and I won’t be quoting: I gave you a rather graphic demonstration of the idea that there is no death. And the energy influx at that time, space/time, which was just a few days ago, really, in reality, has been with you ever since. It came in the formulation of Pentecost and is now contained in your genetic memory. It is impossible, as you are here at this moment, not to remember the occurrence of two thousand years ago, because you are constituted only in memory. That’s literally all that you are. Your forbears remembered you and conceived you, and made you in the image of themselves in limitation and thus it has ever been, since the occurrence of the schism. You are Adam’s dream. You are your own dream. The effects that appear outside of you, you have constructed.

“Are you saying to me then that the man Jesus made up - okay? - within his limited framework of consciousness the crucifixion and resurrection?” Of course he did. Of course. Is that a little tough for you? He says in A Course In Miracles, “I wasn’t real, as I was identified and as I identified myself I was not real.” Amazing, isn’t it?

So what do we celebrate at Easter time? We celebrate the overcoming of death, or the recognition of the specie as identified man on the planet earth being in fact a god. “Know ye not that ye are gods?” “Greater things will you do than I have done.” What are you waiting for? The determination of the identification in limitation to hold onto selfness and literally construct murder and greed and hate and anger have nothing at all to do with you, brother. You have a single assignment here, and that’s to come to your own individual Atonement, and none other. That is your sole function in consciousness. And that’s what you are coming to know.

Did you then die on the cross and were you in fact in the tomb for three days and did you rise again? Of course. Shall I do an analogy in your body of what occurs glandularly during that process, so that I can bring you into this moment rather than have you remain historic in identification of it? What’s the difference? You are all memory anyway.

This is the time when you do it. This is the time when you remember, when the ancient melody plays for you. This is the time when the incredible joy of the recognition of your eternity flashes across your mind. And you will at that moment pay no longer any direct heed to anything that occurs on earth. You will simply subtract it; you will see the unreality of it.

It’s a momentous occasion that is applauded in Heaven, as each of you individually comes into that truth. We await your homecoming. Everybody else is home. Just you linger. All of the things that you have constructed outside of you in your projections in order to retain this false identity, Lucifer, are not real. There is only one Son of God and it is you, prodigal. What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for something, something outside of you that is in your memory banks to somehow show you the way? They can, they can. They’re just your thoughts, your limited thoughts in consciousness. You have created indeed, but you have created falsely because you are false to yourself.

He is risen indeed. He is risen. As He says in A Course In Miracles, the earth is literally not here. It was repaired the moment that the schism occurred. And you actually, in reality, have never left home. No wonder you get these stirrings in you that somehow you don’t belong here and you’re not here. You’re not! That’s nice to know. He is risen indeed. You have risen indeed. If you are in responses, where you’re in your path, where you’re in your Bethlehem, where you’re in a temple, where you’re teaching, where you’re in your Gethsemane. Be there. That’s okay. You have risen indeed, brother.

“My Lord, why hast Thou forsaken me.” You live with that, literally, on a moment by moment basis.

“Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit.” “It is finished.” Ffffwwwwwssssst! It’s gone.

I am interrupting your dream. You are beginning now to have difficulty locating me. You are beginning, in your own consciousnesses, to extend from you your own identity, through recognition of the light. Wow! What a strange notion that finally you’ll never be able to locate yourself. Can you feel this? I have absolutely no idea where I am, because I am not anywhere. It may appear to you, now as you project me, that I am somehow sitting here in a place in space/time and that you will retain identities. I am not. I am not here. Huh, why would I be here? You’re not here either. [laughing] The highest truth - Jesus talks about this in the Course too - the highest truth I can give you is when you come into true conception, or an idea about yourself, you’ll see obviously you could not be located anywhere. Where would you locate yourself outside of truth? You couldn’t. Do you know what I am really saying? I am you. Consciousness, the state, Dharma, in the universe - all of it is consciousness - only has one manifestation of awareness, or Son, that has been caused by Him to establish causation, and that’s you, in your consciousness. There isn’t anything else but that.

You are risen. You are risen indeed. Be of good cheer. You offer your brother lilies now, not thorns. As you share that gift of gratitude and love with him, he will extend back to you the truth of you. In that forgiveness are you made whole.

One little idea of total love, carried to its completion, transforms the world forever and has. That’s the power of your thoughts, Son of God. You cannot use it in limitation, but only in the truth of your extension, because it is literally your creative capacity. And your misuse of it, and your inability to extend it from you, are what cause pain and death. True. You die because of your attempts to hold on in limitation, to grasp and keep separate from the truth, yourself.

Creation and love depend on flow. The Sea of Galilee thrives, it has outlets. The Dead Sea is dead; everything flows in and nothing comes out. All humans on earth as constituted are Dead Seas. They have no outlets. They have no communication processes. They communicate only with themselves and have no reality in truth. Because love is communication. Love is recognition of yourself in love and purity.

So you have been fishing off the wrong side of the boat, haven’t you? Ha ha, nice analogy. Yes. Yes. Some of you had some high recognitions and decided to go back to Galilee and fish anyway. We don’t talk much about that. Peter?

Come to your truths. It’s all in you and it’s all lovely. You walked that seven miles, huh? You passed your Palm Sunday? You are born in your lower regions; you’re coming into your truth. You have passed your heart and compassion center, and you have moved very rapidly up to your prophesying ability. The raising of Lazarus is man’s love for man, not Godly. You brought about your crucifixion, and Golgotha in your head, and your enlightenment in your crown. As you come to the glory of your reality. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Happy Easter.

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Sown In Thorns And Raised In Lilies
From The Return of the Heretic Series

Sown In Thorns And Raised In Lilies