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The Presence Of The Christ Mind

Sharing Together Our True Identity With Jesus

We’re happy to see you again in the particulars of your discovery of the presence of the Christ Mind next to you at this time and place, not two thousand years ago and not last week. This is A Course In Miracles from the savior of this world, Jesus Christ, who is giving us an indication of the immediate capacity for you, in a continuing recognition of your self that you can perform acts of conversion within the light form that demonstrates ideas of correspondence of body, that will, what does our savior Jesus say? “Heal the sick and raise the dead.”

The declaration that I’m offering you in my discovery of who I am, which came through the mind of Jesus and reminded me as he admonished me in the scripture, which to you appears to be perhaps two thousand years ago in his little sojourn in time, and I want you to repeat it with me, “All power is given unto me in Heaven and on earth.” The acceptance of the fundamental necessity for the admission of the presence of Jesus with us now, here at this time, is the entire requirement of what I am offering you.

Shall we look together at it, just for a moment? All around the world are beginning demonstrations of conversions of body form which previously represented the fleshy idea that you were contained in that body. The entire message of our savior Jesus, and your willingness to accept it, depend on the simple admission that this is the time and place when it was accomplished. And it will be accomplished by your mind.

Now, here’s some evidence of communication going on, because you’ve made an allowance when you decided to watch this video. You’ve heard reports about this old guy, that this old occupation of a body was beginning to perform, even on this visual video, miracles, with reports coming in from all over wherever they might be, that instances of re-identity were occurring. Look with me at this. This is from our savior Jesus. What we are offering each other is our true identity. Say to me, “I am whole and perfect as I was created.” Did you say that? Yes, there, what was that? That was an idea. Say to me, “I’ve got an idea. I think I’ll listen just for a moment to what this teacher of God is telling me and go along with the process that I just might be whole and perfect as I was created.” Certainly the evidence within the scripture of Jesus Christ are that that is indeed a fact, along with the certainty that all power to heal the sick and raise the dead is given to you, isn’t it?

Our shared recognition of the truth of what we are, through his mind, through the light of his mind and body and spirit, represents an instantaneous conversion of the forms of our former mis-identity. The time and space have come at last, and have always been, when the message of the New Testament of the resurrected man, Jesus, are coming into this continuum of time and it’s impossible if you’re watching this video that you are not a part of the healing process.

Everything has gone before. This is a review of what is already occurred. This is an acceptance of a fundamental realization that all of the continuity of space/time is going on in this time and in this place and it’s going on in your mind. But the self that you recognize in your own mind is the self of Adam, the self of separation, the self of the body. The directions of our savior say to us that standing next to you, is the light and love of Jesus, who has been with you since the incident of the insertion into time, in a declaration of apparent independence in light form from the entire creative reality of universal mind. So, the teachings of Jesus are, and all he really says in the scripture is, “I am here with you now, I will stay with you in the completion of this process.”

You’ve been walking along in this continuum of time for a very long time, looking for a solution that’s not within the particulars of the time episode that you’re representing. We intend to do a little more scripture. I got started on John and I promised Jesus, I had a long talk with him this morning.

Do you talk to Jesus? Would you like to try? Is Jesus in your mind? Say, “Jesus is in my mind.” Would you like to share something else with me? Jesus is also in the space that I occupy, even though my body appears to be separate. Why? He’s resurrected. He’s representing the entirety of a whole body, momentarily in time, in the realization of a convergence of light form that I am offering to you. This is what healing is. Wow, did you see that? What happened to that tumor? Whoop, it’s gone.

There are Christian healers that are out in the world proclaiming through the mind of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that they can heal the sick and raise the dead – that was a demonstration of that occurrence. Would you like to have that be true? Then why don’t you let it be true? The offering that I am giving you with my mind and with my heart does not require the particulars of the circumstances that represent who you think I am or who you think you are. If the identity of our savior Jesus in his entirety, and I assure you it is his entirety, is representing our moment of separation, why not let his light, there it is, the light of that revelation of the realization of you, come into the particulars that previously represented this body form.

It’s important for you to remember that the fundamental teachings of Jesus direct your attention to the certainty that there’s nothing outside of you. If we may review Matthew: 5, where in Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reminds you of the necessity to forgive the projections of your own mind, which you are using to represent the grievance and pain and loneliness that you hold against this world.

This directly from Jesus, listen carefully to me, this is important: there is no possibility whatsoever contained within this conflictual continuum of time that you don’t at least admit to a fundamental dependence on an alternative, based on your defenselessness, based on a moment of you standing still and letting what you thought was your enemy share the love that we are expressing together through the mind of Christ.

With me now, his admonition: Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all of your heart. Say to me, “I’m going to love my Creator with all of my heart.” Yes. Since your creator represents everything, what you’re actually saying to me is, “I’m going to love everything.” I’m going to feel the passion of the joy of the conversion of my mind that I am being offered now in the light of this idea of the healing process, with all of my heart, involved in the comprehension of his message that I will love with all of my mind. Suddenly it becomes very reasonably to me an expression of unconditional love, because I am not bound up in the conflict of the grievance that I suffer in order to express hatred for my brother, or in fact for God; With all of my soul; I am going to love my Lord, with all of my soul, which is what I am. I am a soulful realization in any time and space of what I am in all of the universe.

Remember our teaching for the program for today, that my self represents the entirety of universal mind. So, I am going to love the Lord my God with my heart, my mind and my soul, and now the crucial element: my neighbor as my self. Not my enemy, not my friend, not someone I have to study whether I like or not, but my neighbor. It’s an indication that anyone who stands next to you in the image of your self is actually representing Jesus.

His entire teachings of saviorship are that the brother that you have previously represented in your denial of your own perfection can show you the alternative at this moment. Where is your neighbor standing? Next to you. Who is your neighbor? Your Christ.

What a lovely way to look at it, if you’re in the circumference of space/time which was a momentary collapse down into a location of time that has disallowed you to see the entirety of your creative modality by using the definitions of your limited form and condemning your self to a reflection of the darkness that heretofore represented you.

Yes, your neighbor is you. There’s nothing outside of you. What you’ve learned in this last hour, I hope, is that when you came into this contingency you brought with you all the ideas you have about your self as a body, but it’s impossible that you also did not bring with you everything that has ever occurred since the beginning and the end of time. So that in the Second Coming of Jesus which we’re now representing, we can see that time is about to be over, that you have come to a time and place where the healing of your mind and heart, through the forgiveness of your neighbor can show us the love that we share with the eternal mind of God.

Excepts from
My Heart Is The Way, My Mind Is The Truth, And My Neighbor Is Myself - Episode I
with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles