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The Only Answer

Love Your Cancer

A Discourse with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

Continuing the mind training of A Course In Miracles to a
different perception of everyone and everything in the world.

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This is an invitation to a great experiment.

Just for a moment, lay aside the prejudices of your human establishment
and listen to these words with your heart.

Just for a moment, let this simple message of truth and love be beyond all reason
and see how quickly reason will follow as your mind opens to the joyful
light of your reunion with the eternally creating mind of God.

Whoever you think you are, wherever you appear to be in the desperate sea of chaos
that is this world, let the breath of this timeless voice of resurrected mind
rekindle in you the ancient memory of your own perfect reality.

Now are you being called to fulfill the only purpose that ever could have been given
for your own sojourn into this meaningless world of loneliness and death.

That purpose is your escape from it through this message of salvation.

The Only Answer

Love Your Cancer

I am doing that – I am communicating somewhere in my own association with my own thought forms. You are undergoing experiences of communication here. This is what I want you to see: It’s called cellular communication. It’s strange that contained in each cellular mis-identity of the body or its limited formulation of communication within itself – the single threat that is contained within it – is its own whole association that it is using as a power of itself.

­There’s an admonition that I have given to some of you that I want to explain today; and I hope I’m able to explain it, because it could be part of the Academy teaching if you can understand this. Obviously the cellular association... I’ll use this consciousness because I looked at it and said to it: “You are cancerous.” I want to see if you can get this with me. I’m sorry I’m going to have to tell you this and this has been arrived at now by the microbiologists or whatever: The only cell that they are ascertaining in the cellular association that is eternal is the friggin’ cancer cell. Obviously, your cancer cells are trying to tell you something about their dissatisfaction with the arrangement that you are forcing on them through your own genetic memory.

I’m going to read it because it’s in Life magazine this last week and the most amazing part about it is that having determined that the length of the... there’s descriptions of the term coming from the chromosome – I’m not really concerned about that. But what they intend to do is to take the cancer cell, utilize the part of it that’s eternal to identify it in it’s continued limitation. It’s exactly the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. Obviously because to them, life is longevity rather than the conversion of the perceptual association. Listen to me, I don’t care where you hear this, I’ve told you and I’m going to tell you once more and this will scare the hell out of you; The fact of the matter is that perceptual associations who associate with A Course in Miracles – I said this the first time I ever looked at it – will a have a great deal of tendency to become cancerous. That’s a fact and you don’t like it. But what you don’t understand is, to me there’s nothing more beneficent than cancerism. Obviously it’s a utilization of a power of a cell that can be used by all cells, instead of being denied, where defenses are set up to attack the cell which are actually only what? Usurping the power of God in order to multiply itself, which is exactly what all the other cells do, don’t they? Because they’re identifying themselves in the limitation of the projections of their own self with themselves.

There’s a guy, Bernie Siegel, you ought to get him here. He says you can laugh your cancer away. Obviously that’s true. He doesn’t go far enough with it, but the biggest joke in the universe is cancer. Cancer is what God is. You guys don’t like it. What you want to do is limit your cellular relationship. Obviously, the demonstration in quantum in every single cell is its own whole reality. What is specialization but death? Specialization is only death. You depend on the specialization of your limited communicative devices not to see that you are whole.

Who’s with me with this? We are faced with a situation where you are demonstrating perfect limited communication. You would have to be or you wouldn’t know that you’re doing it. Who sees this? You’re obviously using a power in the universe to demonstrate a body association. Jesus says this is a break off in communication and of course it is. But remember, there’s nothing outside of your mind, be it an extension by God-mind or a projection by your mind. It’s always an association with what? – itself! You, dummy! You’re only in association with your own mind. You set up the conflict to verify the necessity for the retention of the specialization. You got it? And you will use up the resources of that genetic memory contained within that self and that’s called the aging process. You understand me? So you end up with a horrible thing. Look at this poor lady. Look at you, dummies, what you’re doing. You really think there’s a difference in this cell and in this cell, but the difference in these two cells is exactly what your problem is, because between these two cells is either a whole association of reality or a limited association being exchanged in special conflict between the cellular arrangement. You got that? It’s a limited form of communication based on the genetic memory that must be a condition of longevity. And it will be used up – but it need not be.

What chapter is this, six? You finally use up reality, because reality is not a potential of cellular relationship. Who hears this? This is Chapter Six in A Course In Miracles. You believe you have the ability and the potential to assert your own reality in a combination of your genetic memory. And you do have. And you are doing it. But remember that the fundamental concept of self-association – that is, autonomy of self – is based on disassociation, not on association. It’s a break in communication. But once it occurs, it will reflect a continual break within the perceptual mind. Do you understand?

What’s evolved in what’s happening to your body? You are taking a vehicle of communication designed to be limited, and through the nonconflict, which is what self-identity is, you are formulating a new creative purpose emanating from the mind that is constituted in the inevitable realization that it is only creating, and that the glitch of that concept cellularly is what the body is. If it were true that the body could only continue to communicate with itself, time would extend forever in conflict. But remember the fundamental nature of what you call life or existence is a conflict, because it’s a conflict between two cells.

Okay, here’s the key to it: Neither one of the cells is real and until you get this, you’ll continue to bounce off one of the concepts because it appears to have a more advantageous association with your own cellular self. And you call it balance, and you do everything you can to make your liver get along with your lungs. Now, your liver is designed to get along with your lungs, but only to the length of their mutual association in the memory of the mechanism of what they are. Do you see that? It’s a contraption of consciousness, isn’t it. Can you accept the fact that neither are real is the key to this? If between the two associations, which are projections of each other, is only another projection, the cells will continue to divide in their limited associations with each other. When one of then feels more threatened in their association, it will begin to reproduce a longevity cell. Finally, that’s cancer. But that cell is simply going to utilize the single power of the universe to replicate itself. That’s called “stealing the fire from the gods.” And it’s done cellularly. What you do with it is astonishing. You call in other mercenaries to attack and destroy your own cells in relationship to yourself. That makes absolutely no sense at all.

Here’s the key: Not only doesn’t it make any sense, it’s not real. Communication, to be real, must be whole. Limited communication in form is never real. When God created you, He made you a part of Him. That is why attack within the Kingdom is literally impossible. (Chapter Six: The Only Answer) It never happened. You cannot understand the conflict until you fully understand the basic fact that the body identification doesn’t know anything, that it’s only reflecting off its own associations. I’m offering this to you if you want to hear it. Now the Spirit obviously does not speak first, but He’s always answering each association, because each association is actually whole within itself. It cannot not be.

Remember that the form or concept was the initial break in communication in order to formulate mutual parts of unreality. Now, the split-mind, the human-mind, cannot hear the Spirit, literally. But it does believe that part of the mind that made it is against it, and it calls it cancer. No no, it calls it cancer. It becomes malignant. That force is trying to make it whole and it’s trying to defend itself from it. It interprets this as a justification, literally, for attacking its maker. It believes that the best defense is attack, and it wants you to believe it. Unless you do believe it, you will not side with it, and the split-mind feels badly in need of allies, though not of real associations.

Listen, here’s what happens. Perceiving something alien to itself in your mind, the split-mind, which is the association of the thought forms in the body, what does it do? – it turns to the body as an ally, because the body is not part of you. The body is not part of you.

Once more, the body is not part of whole mind. It is already a projection of the limitation, it’s already a projection of that and is being used in this association. Watch what happens: This makes the body, the vehicle of communication, the ego’s friend – that is, split mind’s friend, because it can call itself something: “My name is Jane Doe. I am something in association with myself in my own mind.” Now, it is an alliance, frankly, based on separation, and it’s admitted that it’s based on separation and is contained within its own self. If you side with this alliance, if you side with the earth, if you side with your identities here, you will be afraid because you are siding with an alliance that is fearful. That is protecting itself in its own body-mind. Is this so? Obviously, I’m telling you to stop being human but you don’t want to. You want to protect yourself and associate with the form.

Here’s the key to this: None of this association is real. Once more, you got it? It’s always a reflection of the necessity to hold the particle body in limited communication. And it does it very successfully for you. And your threat, obviously, is God. Here’s a lovely sentence: The split-mind, which is not real, uses the body to conspire (get together) against your mind and because the split-mind, the ego, realizes that its “enemy” can end them both merely by recognizing they are not a part of you, they join in the attack together. And this is literally true. Any form joins any other form to attack its own reality. You got that? This is perhaps the strangest perception of all, if you consider what it involves. I know a lot of you still think: “Oh, my split-mind is real.” That’s nonsense. Your association with yourself is not true and never was.

Now, the ego which is not real, attempts to persuade the mind, which is real, that the mind is the ego’s learning device. It does exactly the opposite. You try to tell God that you can teach Him what you are. That’s what I just said. Do you understand that? Then you judge God in the relationship that He recognize who you are in your own split mind. Can you hear that? You keep trying to persuade all of these associations of your mind that are actually real, not only that, but if you didn’t persuade them they were real, they would become God. I got one step further for you. If you didn’t attempt to persuade that Jane Doe that she’s Jane Doe and you’re you, you’ll both convert to God. First through the conversion of the communicative vehicle that you have designed not to communicate. You must use that, because it’s designed not to communicate. Fortunately, it’s perfectly designed not to communicate. It has to be, because it’s contained within total communication. Who hears this?

So, if we can perfect your total inability to communicate, which you call ability, you will automatically revert to what you really are. But that feels cancerous to you, because each cell is demanding recognition and using that power in its own limitation. What’s the answer? Love! But remember that any perceptual association literally denies love, which is what creation is. Perhaps, perhaps, you might begin to grasp what this says, so that A Course in Miracles groups that come together to attack each other and deny this message through the assertion of the power of their own minds, are actually evolving cancer rather than God.

But remember that cancer and God are the same thing. I’m not sure you all get that. Somehow, you like to separate out the cellular identity. But if you introduce a harmony in your liver cell and your heart cell or your lung cell, they will function perfectly in that communicative association in the time necessary for the total dissolutionment of the body.

Many of you are getting very close to the dissolutionment of the body, simply because the body is nothing but a reflection of your own unreal mind, which is the same thing as saying you’re asleep in your own mind, reflecting back to yourself your own association. The ego (the devil) which is not real, attempts to persuade the mind, which is real, that the mind is the ego’s learning device, and further that the body is more real than the mind is. It does this quite literally. No one in his right mind could possibly believe this, and no one in his right mind does believe this. And being in my right mind, I don’t believe that you can separate yourself in your own mind and just communicate with nothing. If I look at a limited body-association – and this many of you are coming to – it will be very obvious that that body is not communicating. It should begin to get real obvious. You look at it and it’s just going: blah blah blah blah blah. It has nothing to do with reality at all. It’s an obstruction to your own real association, reflected out from you to hold on to our identity. What the hell are you holding onto? You ought to keep asking yourself that question, because you’re going to fall apart. Not only are you going to, but you’ve designed yourself to, and this is contained within the cell. This is what you can read here in this article.

Do you see the senselessness of the question: “What am I?” Can you get this? Hear, then, the one answer that the Spirit/God/You to all the questions that you raise: You are a child of God. You are God creating, a priceless part of His kingdom, which He created as part of Him. You cannot be separate from it. Dummies, why don’t you just hear? What the hell are you afraid of? You’re only afraid of you own mind.

If you want to study it go ahead. You’re dead wrong in the association. Because you’re always wrong in your own mind, and it’s real hard for you to admit that. But the fact of the matter is, there’s no such thing as conflict. I’m just sorry – I’ve got to tell you this. It should be very obvious to many of you that existence is not life. Come on. The most you can say about existence is that it’s going to fall apart and you are going to die. You’re telling me that you can hold it together and suffer the pain and anguish of the loss of all of these things you’ve constructed in your own mind? The simple solution must be that it’s not real. There is no other solution to it. It should be obvious, if you make any part of it real, you will continue to reflect that association in your own mind. And you do. This is the great convergence that it talks about here. You bring your own thought forms together in the harmony of the only purpose of the universe, which is creating, which is going on in you.

Nothing else exists and only God is real. You have chosen a sleep in which you have had bad dreams, but the sleep is not real and God calls you to awake. There will be nothing left of your dream when you hear Him, because you will awaken. You’re dreaming this world. I told you this. I told you this. I told you this. I’m in your own dream telling you that you are dreaming this world and it is not so and that out there is a whole universe waiting for you to wake up. Not only am I doing that, but I’m doing it in the symbols of your own unreality. If you can take these symbols, which you heretofore identified in your own cellular relationship in limitation, that could only result in death – and use itself up – and convert them or converge them to a total memory association of yourself with God. You must be perfectly capable of remembering God, because each cell is a total remembrance of God, no matter how specialized in its own self unreal authentication. Authentic – authentication – authorship. No, no, no. God is the author, and totally.

When you awake, and this is what’s happening to you now – I want you to hear this you individual associations – obviously it has nothing to do with the projected identities outside of you. I’ll do it once more. You have projected those identities to hold on to your own. They are you. They are your thoughts. They are reflecting you. Stop giving them the reflection of your limitation, dummy. Stop doing that! Of course you can stop doing it. I don’t know how much discipline it takes, but if you read this next sentence, it’s not going to take very much. Why? You’ll feel the harmony of the non-conflict. That requires the non-participation in your association. Isn’t that so? Why? The harmony is actually all around you. The only glitch is between the unreal forms, not between the real form and falsity. Until you get this, you’ll never hear this. Do you understand? If there is no conflict, God knows not of this. So the conflict is always between the thought form in association with the thought form. This is what this will say:

When you awake, you will see the truth around you and you will no longer believe in dreams, because they will have no reality for you. I’m just offering you this earth and the certainty that’s come into your mind that this isn’t real. It doesn’t make any difference what the alternative is, because you have come to discover that the alternative will be just as unreal as the original thought, and in that is salvation. Why? There is no alternative to God and you have never left home. That’s exactly what this will say. And only in a human being with an alternative... You’ll get sick. Is that too hard? There is no alternative to you being whole. If there is an alternative, both sides of the alternative will not be real.

Now I’m going to introduce time in here to you, so you can see that you can stretch your non-reality in time and constitute yourself and suffer pain and sickness and death, and then fall apart and continue to find yourself doing that and define it in time if you wish by commanding the cells to better adjust to their separation. It’s exactly what you do. You train the cells to be more autonomous, or separate, rather than letting them be what they really are. You call that medicine.

Yet the Kingdom, and all that you have created there, will have great reality to you, because they are beautiful and true. Past tense – you have created them in a total memory of you. Once again. This is the real world. Every time you have had a thought it was converted to the reality of you in your own conception and is simply waiting for you in time to recognize it. And this is what’s happening around here. Suddenly you’re looking at another body that you’ve created to associate with your own limited body. Your mind is changed about what you are, and you are extending your own mind. It automatically converts the image that’s outside of you, because the image that’s outside of you is you. And this is what the miracle of healing is. If you have not condemned the association by naming it, it’s automatically whole and cannot be deceived. Because the identification is what the disease is. Nothing to do with how you’ve subsequently identified it.

It’s interesting that the only disease I’ve ever mentioned since my awakening has been cancer. Because, obviously, cancer is the total solution to your problem. It is literally the assertion of the whole power of your mind. Wow! Love your cancer. In the Kingdom, where you are and what you are is perfectly certain, and there is no doubt because the first question was never asked. Never. Having finally been wholly answered, it has never been. If you ask the question, the only answer is it never was, because the distance between the form of the original question and the answer is what’s not real. Got it? Being alone lives in the kingdom, where everything lives in God without question. The time spent on questioning in the dream has given way to creation and to its eternity. You are now as certain as God because you are as true as He is, because you are Him creating. Here’s the problem. You are as certain as God because you’re true as He is, but what was once certain in your mind has become only the ability to be certain. I want you to understand this. No abilities are real. Can you get that? The idea that ability is real is the idea that there is something that is not being used wholly. Can you see that? That couldn’t possibly be true. But contained within the genetic memory is a limited use of the association contained within its own time factoring.

The introduction of abilities, which had to come from the separation, into the beingness which is God was obviously the beginning of uncertainty, because abilities are potentials not accomplished. And if you haven’t accomplished them, you must be afraid of some of them. Otherwise, you would simply accomplish them fully and become God creating. It’s very obvious to a reasonable mind that God is not using up potential. It’s just as obviously not obvious to you in your own potential. If you believe that God can be located in space, you will believe that He has a bag of ideas which He is putting together in His own mind to create you. Obviously, that’s what you think, because that’s the way you think. God doesn’t think that way. God already is everything going on. And that’s why He can’t be located. Because each cell is totally extending itself all the time, and that’s what God is – isn’t it, that unified force field with the expression of the necessity of self-identity converted at the moment of its wholeness to the realization that you are God. This is what’s being experienced right here.

How come you don’t want to experience it? “I’m afraid, I’m afraid.” Of course you’re afraid, but what the hell, you’ve been afraid anyway. You’re going to guarantee this reality by getting cancer, by getting sick, by dying. Don’t you understand that sickness becomes then a part of your own verification, and you depend on it, and see how scared you are that I’m going to tell you that you have cancer and therefore are perfect? Not because you don’t have cancer, but you are perfect because you have it. It’s a sign that you are converting your cells. And you can take that cancer-ness and make it whole. Turn your malignancy into a benevolent reassociation of yourself. How can you do it? The friggin’ conflict is only in your own mind. And neither one of the conflicts is true.

Strong stuff. How determined you are to get a reflection of yourself and keep your own identity? This will say on the next page, the whole basis of this teaching, is that all time is going on all the time, so that the miracle really couldn’t take any time at all, could it? And if it seems to take any time, it’s only this moment of conversion in your own mind, which is going to afford you a momentary, temporary, secular whole association of the design of the body not to communicate in the extension of itself. At that moment, this whole association disappears. How the hell can I speak of that? I can’t speak of something that has disappeared. Nor need I speak of something that has disappeared, because the question will never have been asked. You couldn’t possibly ask the question without having been given the answer, because there is only one answer to any question that could really be asked. But as soon as you answered it, the question was no longer there. But you had to accept the answer. You’re finally going to have to accept the answer that God is everything and you are nothing. But it’s so simple. Because God is everything, you must be then, everything. It’s always the separation in your own mind that causes the conflict.

The key is to remember that there’s only one separate association and it’s you! I don’t know if you hear this, and I don’t care, because whether you hear it or not has nothing to do with what I’m teaching. Finally, wherever you hear this in your own association is all there is. But I can tell you that it was heard perfectly well. This must be so, or I wouldn’t be teaching you that it was so. So now, “Accept the Atonement for myself.” What bullshit. You don’t have to do anything. You decide that you don’t want what’s going on in your own mind. Well, that’s going to be very conflictual. Nothing could be as conflictual as you are, fundamentally. Nothing. You are what conflict is. Resist not evil! Wow! That’s really something, isn’t it. Because abilities are potentials, not accomplishments.

Now, obviously, your abilities are totally useless in the presence of God’s accomplishments and also of your own, which are real. Accomplishments are results that have been achieved. When they are perfect, abilities are perfectly meaningless. It is curious that the perfect must now be perfected. In fact, it’s impossible. But since you think it’s possible, why the hell don’t you be perfect? The idea of imperfection is what the idea of perfection is. And if I’m telling you it’s only in your own mind, then it must be one hell of a lot easier to be perfect than to be imperfect. Notwithstanding the fact that you can’t be un anything. But look at all the work you go to in your own lunacy to authenticate your reality without looking at the obvious conclusion that you are a longevity of some sort that is designed to use itself up and fall into death. I’m telling you, it’s not real.

And I’m using the extension of the power of my own mind to convert yours, whether in hell you like it or not. It’s fearful to you, because I’m offering you love, I’m offering you freedom. I’m saying come, stand, be with God! Not this! Will you have to stand there? I don’t give a shit. I don’t care what you do with your association. I’m telling you that you are coming whole. And you’re going to come whole no matter how much you resist it in your own self-identity.

You have no alternative. This is a required course! This is the first sentence of the Course. You have it right in front of you. I can’t show you what love is, but I can sure as hell tell you what it ain’t. And it ain’t your association with yourself. You can’t make love out of this because it’s conflictual. You can hold it together in your limited identity and associate love with death and cancer, which is what you do. All you need do is associate this dramatic evidence of the capacity of your body to assert eternity, allow it to occur, and you will begin a very rapid body communication. Since it transcends the speed of light, which was the limited thought form, you undergo a quantum or spontaneous healing within your own body. I’ll demonstrate it for you, and what the hell are you going to do? You’ll ask me to heal another part of your body. You ought to be able to see that a spontaneous remission, something that transcends your perception, is a miracle, and that miracle of transcendence is going on all the time – unless you hold it in your own body-association. “Hi, lung, hi, cell, hi, how are you doing”? These are Edgar Cayce’s churches.

The churches really don’t communicate except in their limited identities, yet each one of them is perfect unto itself, isn’t it? Well, what about extra-galactic communication? Don’t worry about that. Stop trying to communicate with the other galaxy – at the speed you’re going, you’ll get there in a 100 million years. You formulate to a certain point your own inter-galactic association, and you will be welcome into the kingdom of extra-galactivity because it’s what you are, and no one is resisting this except the conflict of your own mind. It’s another way of saying when your civilization is advanced enough, you will transcend it. That usually occurs at the time that you overcome the speed of light, where you utilize to the advantage of the transformation, rather than limiting time to the distance between your own projected static self-association.

You understand? It’s not a penal colony. It seems like that to you. It’s not an insane asylum. You have committed yourself to this. When I was locked up for a little while, I knew perfectly well that I had committed myself and that I could walk out any time I wanted. And as soon as I discovered there was no difference between the psychiatrist and the patient, and everybody was totally nuts in the association (which was very obvious to me), when I talked to a psychiatrist, he answered me that faking mental illness is just as ill as being mentally ill. Well, that’s as true as faking not faking mental illness. The psychiatrist says, “I decide who you are”... And there’s no solution to the problem; none is possible because any definition is what the disease is.

But remember, what you term disease, is actually God asserting whole power on you. You’re very much afraid of the release of your perception. That’s why so much direction is given to this. I’m very much aware that in this early time-association you’re deadly afraid of this message. I’m mean deadly literally. You’re going to kill yourself rather than hear it. But you can’t kill yourself. Who hears this? You are not going to succeed in doing this within your own perceptual mind, because it’s not real. Come on, prove me wrong about this. You can step forward now and stab a dagger into your own heart and fall down and what the hell is that going to prove? What are you going to do, rise up above me and look down and say, “Aha, you see. I proved it. Here I am, dead there.” That frustrates you, doesn’t it? If you die, you can’t prove that death is real. So you make a provision that you can observe yourself and watch people come and mourn over your grave. And what are you going to do? You’re still caught in your own identity, aren’t you? Your own identities are all around you. No wonder you’re scared.

Not only do you project bodies, but you project all thought associations – astrals. You keep putting these forms together in your own mind and giving them a reality outside of you: “holyspirit.” The Holy Spirit isn’t going to tell you anything you don’t want to hear. He’s the same as the devil. How do you tell the difference? That’s what I’m so curious about. It’s only the form of your own mind, anyway. You literally then have to judge your own associations with yourself. None of them are true. None of it’s true. I don’t care how you do it. “Love thy neighbor.” It’s amazing. In fact, it’s impossible.

Remember, however, nobody wants to hear this: that when you put yourself in an impossible situation, you must believe that the impossible is possible. Therefore, you think the miracle is impossible, yet the miracle is the only thing that is possible. Can you get this? Everything else is really impossible. But that being said, you think it’s possible, so the only way out of this is literally an impossibility. This is the slogan of our Academy. Do you understand?

If you can formulate it, it’s not real. That’s the whole teaching. “Well, I know, but I’m going to teach form.” I know; well then do that. That’s why you need the atonement isn’t it. Can that factoring in your own mind be determined when you want to get out of here? It is being determined. You think some other factor – this is all the whole Course – you think some other factor is going to determine when you escape from the consequences of your own end. There is no factor but you! I’m doing this but to myself. You don’t want to hear this. Let’s all get together and study the manner in which we’re doing this to ourselves. It’s crap. You’ve got every one of these associations designed to guarantee you and they will and they do. You are forgetting that you are asleep in your own dream and are the source of the necessity for the association. I don’t care what the degrees are. I don’t care what the intervals are. I don’t care how you direct your own attention to it. I’m telling you that you are all there is in the universe. If you limit that association, you will still be all there is in the universe. You are choosing to be a limited form and that choice cannot be denied you, because you are using all the power that there is, which is what you are. And this is what I just read you.

Obviously if you associate with the disassociated thought, you will continue to break communication with reality. The schism was nothing but a momentary break in communication. You are contained within that moment within your own mind. Abilities must be developed before you can use them, and this is what the miracle is. This is not true of anything real. This is not true of anything God created, but it is the kindest solution possible for what you made. In an impossible situation, which is the body, you can develop your abilities to the point where they can get you out of it. You have a Guide to how to develop them, but you have no commander except you because you are a self-construction of yourself. Now, this leaves you in charge of the Kingdom with both a Guide to find it and a means to keep it. You have a model to follow who will strengthen your command and never distract from it in any way.

The distractions will always be your temptation not to hear it. Because you are the single living Son of God. So the admonition of the Course is simply stay in the release of the self-identity all the time. If you do that, you will always be with God, because God is everything; not because God is something outside of you. Since you think He is outside of you and have projected Him into a reflection of yourself, you must realize through the efficacy that there is nothing outside of me, to the realization. This is existentialism, converted to transcendental reidentification within the time modality. And that’s what you’re doing.

See how simple this is? You are using the mind, which is extending, which is evolving in you as the savior of the world, and you’ll either love it or hate it, because it’s offering you salvation which you really don’t want. It’s offering you a healing which is going to destroy your own sickness. It’s literally going to destroy it. Jesus didn’t come to save the world as you’ve constructed it, but to show you that you are whole. It appears to you to be a destruction of you, and so it is. I’m offering you a very simple choice within your own mind under terms – although they’re impossible – that you can come to understand by remembering the impossibility of this, and the total possibility of God. You can keep constricting that in your own mind. What you don’t understand – and this I’m going to give you, each time you have an experience in your mind of the recognition of that, this association, which is all there is in the universe in this segment, is using that moment of conversion to formulate a broader range of thought form.

It’s called the circle of atonement. It’s all in here. Why the hell don’t you get in the circle? “Because I’m afraid of the projections I have made in my own mind designated to protect me from my own reality contained within that moment of the schism,” which sits right down in here. I have taught you how to look directly at your fear. There’s no other way out of this. I’m telling you that you can look directly at it, and that if you will just release the necessity for the defense, you will have the experience of the wholeness.

All right, I’m going to finish this sentence: You have a model to follow who will strengthen your command and never distract from it in any way. I’m a perfect model. All healed teachers are perfect models. I won’t allow you any distraction at all. No matter what you tell me, I’ll never justify it because it’s not real. No matter what you say you’re going to do in association with this, I’ll tell you that it’s gone. No matter how much you demand attention to your own crap in your own mind, I’m a perfect constant model that you’re full of crap and that you’re not real. No wonder you’re afraid of me. You have every right to be afraid of me. I’m threatening your whole death need. I’m threatening your whole need to get cancer. I’ll tell you, the body is being thought in your own construction here.

You therefore retain the central place in your imagined enslavement, which in itself demonstrates that you are not enslaved. Knowing that you’re enslaved is the same as being free, if you’ll admit that the power is within your own mind. Got that? That’s how simple this is. Here’s a lovely sentence. This is Socratic. You teach this at the Academy. You are in an impossible situation only because you think it’s possible to be in one. Now here’s the key. You would be in an impossible situation if God showed you your own perfection and proved to you that you were wrong. Because His necessity to prove to you that you were wrong would make Him wrong, because He would have to view the possibility of wrongness, and His mind can’t see that. You got that? And you don’t like that. You’re demanding recognition for your own association. Well here it is. This would demonstrate that the perfect are inadequate to bring themselves to an awareness of their own perfection, and if you do it, you’ll side with the belief that those who have everything need help and are therefore helpless. As though somehow, a real loving God, whole in your mind, would really let you suffer conflict and pain. Those of you who are determined to teach that are going to be here a very long time, because you have created a God which I, at the beginning of this, wanted nothing to do with, and have nothing to do with. I have nothing to do with a vengeful judgmental God. If you have, it will only be a judgment on yourself, but you will not make it real, because God does not judge. This gets so fundamental that you immediately reject it.

The strange part about it is that when you were twelve, you knew it perfectly will. You knew perfectly well that there could be no harmonious, real association between pain and sickness and love and wholeness, and your attempts to do it have to fail. Why? They’re not real, and they will and did fail. This is the kind of “reasoning” in which the split-mind engages. God, Who knows that His creations are perfect, does not affront them. I’m not really affronting you; you’re just affronting yourself in your demand for recognition of yourself. I’m perfectly willing to give it to you and I’ll give it to you each minute, and then I’ll take it away from you because I’ll tell you you’re more than that. You don’t want to be more than that, because that will be death to you instead of life. Yet I’m telling you there is no death and that everything you’re doing here is the pursuit of our own time-identity contained within the memories of your own cells. It’s not real. Notice how we have to deal with two things – the temporary reality of the impossible situation within the body form that necessitates the conversion. But since the conversion was never real in the first place, nor was the separation, I cannot teach – only to the fact of the total enlightenment of you. Beyond there, I obviously would not require any teaching. Because you know perfectly well who you are. This is what’s happening in your mind. Can that be explained? Hell, I don’t know. Why does it have to be explained? You keep asking me for an explanation of an impossibility. You can’t be separate from God.

To command is to assume inequality, which the Holy Spirit demonstrates does not exist. Ready? Fidelity to premises is a law of mind, and everything God created is faithful to His laws. You listen to me: Fidelity (faith) to other laws is also possible, however, not because the laws are true, but because you make them and therefore believe that they are true. You have made the conflict real and the conflict is real. “Well, we all know that the conflict isn’t real”. The hell you do. Nothing is more conflictual than: “We all know the conflict is not real.” That’s so friggin’ conflictual, I can’t stand it. What are you going to do? Verify it by the judgment of your associations of its unreality? What nonsense! You don’t realize what you’re doing with your own mind to keep your own assertion. The reason you can’t is you can’t see that everything you’re doing with your own mind, each moment, is a total assertion to the reality of you or the denial of you – which is never real – and with which reality does not participate at all. Literally, you’re asleep in your own dream association. Okay? Wow.

God does not teach. To teach is to imply a lack, which God knows is not there. God is not conflicted. Teaching aims at change, but God created only the changeless. Here’s a key sentence. The separation was not a loss of perfection, but a failure in communication. Okay. A harsh and strident form of communication arose in the split-mind. It literally could not shatter the peace of God, but it could and did shatter yours – and it became what you are. God did not blot it out, because to eradicate it would be to attack it. Being questioned, He did not question. He simply answered. That will get you to. “To Have, Give All to All”.

Ok, now the healing. Is this going on in your cellular body-mind? All the time. You can look at me very well and say, “Well, I’m a body and I’m going to get old and I’m going to get sick and I’m going to die.” No part of that statement is real. Not the “I” nor the “body.” See? But the “I” has created the “body” to associate with it. This is the key to this: Neither one of them is real. But as long as you associate with them, you’ll obviously end up with something like this world. The whole paradox of this, obviously, is that if happiness is a long time, the more “long time” you create, the unhappier you’ll be. This is what this says. “Our problem is overpopulation, is that we’re keeping people alive.” The solution, then, is to kill more people. But you don’t want to look at that. Obviously, that’s the solution; to limit the population, which is exactly what you’re doing. The other side of you understands that limiting the population is killing something and of course it is. But your whole reality is based on killing. But you don’t see it. What a strange predicament you’re in. It will always happen. Why does this happen? It cannot not happen, because you separated the cause and the effect. You believe that there’s something outside of you that can cause you pain, so you’re associating with that something, reflecting back the nothing that is contained. You then exchange nothing with nothing and call it time.

How are you holding that together? Let me see. The transforming mind cannot hold its self-identity. That is fearful to the mind determined not to transform. What could be simpler? I don’t care what the form is – any form is finally only conflict, the necessity to hold on to yourself. I sure got past this article. But it’s good reading, because you could bring these associations together, and there is actually a healing ritual that I’ll tell you that you can undergo. I can’t teach them that, I don’t want to – there’s a combination of associate thought forms: this is the old original magic, that can actually be performed, where you and I can remember healing perfectly. The reason I don’t do it, it has a tendency to limit you: “Abracadabra, you are healed: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”. This is the least you can do, dummies. You’re impressed when guys do that and you think that some sort of phenomena is really phenomenal. You’re so friggin’ limited in your mind. I’m offering you the whole universe out here, and you keep liking it when I demonstrate. Come on.

You understand? The mountain does come to Mohammed, but what’s he going to do when he gets it? That’s the whole problem. He becomes a prophesier of it, rather than his own Christhood. You can’t get out that way. You’ve been a prophesier for a very very long time, which is a prognostication of possibility. It must be that you’re the Christ, but that’s really what you can’t accept. So all of your prognostications are based on future references of your own self. But there is no such thing as your own self, so everything you identified, including the Christ coming, must indicate that He’s already come. But as long as you continue to find Him outside yourself, He won’t be there because He simply hasn’t come yet in your own mind. And when He comes, this will be gone.

“Well, it’s too late – I got caught getting old.” Bullshit. There’s no such thing as a past. How long does it last? Just long enough. Can you hear that? How long did time last? Just long enough not to be time. “For they have come!” What difference does it make how long it took with your own body-association? You ready? It’s never too early! It couldn’t possibly be too early because the idea of being too early is the same as the idea of being too late. You don’t mind being too early or too late as long as it doesn’t have to be now. You want to hear this? You’re always telling me you’re going to do it sometime in the future that’s already passed you by, and it’s too friggin’ late. You’re a liar! What you’re determined to do is see that it’s not going on right now. “Well, it’s too late, I might as well die. I’m not ready to hear that yet.” What a bunch of crap! It’s just the invention of time in your own mind, isn’t it?

“I’m ready to hear this now.” On what terms? “Well, it says I can decide the terms under which I’m ready to do this.” The hell it does. It tells you that there are no terms involved in how you do it. Every time you set a term, you’re denying your own reality. You want to teach it? That’s what it is. You’re trying to dictate the terms to God of being whole, and it’s so absurd – finally you ought to look at it dead ones. What are you going to prove, that God is wrong about this, and that there really is sickness and death? Would you care to look at it? What the hell are you going to prove? “I’m going to go out and prove that I can associate with the great and the new.” That’s just bullshit. It’s so low that I can’t find you. The question is, how quick you want to get cancer for me to prove this to you? Obviously, you’re trying to prove it to yourself. And you’re going to inflict – I’m sorry I’m going to tell you this – you’re going to inflict as exactly as much real pain on yourself from your own projections in order to teach you this lesson. You can call that sacrifice, and you do call it sacrifice. All I’m asking you, is why the hell are you doing it if this is your dream? Obviously, the constructs of your mind are going to do what? – they’re going to confirm you, dummy. You’ve designed them to protect you in your own association, haven’t you? What did you expect that they would do? If they try to teach you something else, it will only be in the parameter of you own self-identity. It literally cannot exceed it, can it? No matter how you demonstrate yourself out there, it will not be real, but a reflection of your own limitation.

The world doesn’t want to hear this, and they’re going to attack you and kill you. You think I don’t know that? The world is nothing but an attack and killing of this. Who hears this? Now we’ve got you, because it’s your own mind. If I can make you see that, you’ll stop being concerned about that and say: “No, I hear this. I want this.” That willingness is all that’s required; not that you dictate to me the terms under which you’re hearing it. I’m doing the whole Course in Miracles for you. Every time you try to establish yourself, you keep yourself from being whole, which you already are. This world was over a long time ago. Don’t nod your head at me, I’m sick of that. You’re just doing it perceptually. I’m telling you that you are a creator of this world and you’re standing in a little teeny teeny weeny dream in your own mind – it’s veiled over you. And that you’re very much afraid of this call that you’re getting, and you’re associating with sickness and death rather than opening up and seeing eternal life.

Now, is that a momentary realization of the body form? Sure. That’s what’s going on here. Has the world ever seen anything like what you’re doing before? What world? Your friggin’ world condemned to death? Of course you’ve never seen anything like it! That’s why it’s a miracle! “Let’s get together and study the aspects of a miracle.” What kind of bullshit is that? If you can understand it, it’s not real. Because the thing attempting to understand – don’t nod your head at me – I know you’ve got this perceptually. The challenge is to the psychology of your own bullshit, where you finally look at yourself and say: “I can’t do this.” I’m not measuring your frustration, I’m just telling you that this is total frustration. Because you will not succeed in killing yourself, I don’t care what you do. How many more times are you going to demonstrate that you can do this? I don’t understand: “How many more times.” You don’t hear that. You still think that you are retaining the possibility of doing this in association with me dictated by your own terms, and you’re wrong, you’re wrong. You’re trying to tell me, by your own time-association, when this occurs. I’m telling you that this has already occurred. Well, who’s gong to be standing at the door inviting me in when I get there in the future. Me. Dumb poop. Who did you think it was going to be? It’s me. Can you hear that? Who did you think it was going to be? Don’t you understand that the denial is the same thing as the assertion. I’m teaching A Course in Miracles – it’s called forgiveness. You don’t want to hear it. I’m your savior! You wouldn’t dare believe that because you’ve constructed me not to be, so we can share the limitations of our own association. You got that? Is there a question on that?

I’ll teach it another way: You’re going to be my savior, whether you like it or not. You obviously don’t like it. But what the shit do I care? It has nothing to do with whether you like it or not. If anything’s saved, everything is saved. If nothing does, nothing does, right? Now, obviously, the perceptual mind won’t like that, because you’ll go back and write all about me. Why don’t you do that. That way you can tell them who I was and how you came here, the serial adventures of your own dream, in order to keep your savior a separate association from you. The whole basis of the Course is that your brother is your savior. “Well, I’m going to practice then on this one specific one, because if I can overcome that, I can overcome everything.” Nonsense. Nonsense. You never will overcome it – it’s too late. You’ve already given yourself your separate identities. You cannot make a special relationship whole because the relationship is not real. We’re out of here. Obviously, the key to this is, remember, that the dead ones are not real. Many of you are at that point, and you’re going to have to evolve that in your own mind, so you won’t feel guilty about leaving your own death bullshit. Otherwise, you’ll feel guilty about it, and that way you can stay here and be compassionate with death. I watch you do it. I know, but “We will love all of our brothers and watch them get old and rotten, so I can be sure that I can get old and rotten.” The only thing that can get old and rotten is you. And anything that’s getting old and rotten is not going to be real.

Is that conversion really going on in my body? Is my body starting to communicate? Of course. What the hell do you think? The conflict is in your mind/body. If neither you body-mind or your body is real, where’s the conflict? Only in your identification of them as a part of you, and they are not a part of you – it’s not what you are. You are whole. It’s hard to teach it this way, because it sounds dualistic. You keep then, searching for a part of you in your own limitation and calling it real, and that’s not what it is. It’s the loss of yourself in the association with the limitation. That’s the miracle. Everybody got that?

Now is there a cellular conversion going on in your mind, where your cells are no longer threatening each other to keep your contraptual identity? Yes! You don’t realize the magnitude of this. Why? Your body is the universe. It’s not a symbol of it, it doesn’t represent it – it’s all that there is. It would have to be so because you’ve identified ideas in association with ideas. You are aware that you are aware, which means that you must be universal mind, or you couldn’t be aware of the possibility of it. That’s the transient moment that occurred in your mind coming from the idea of potential to your fulfillment of the potential. That’s what’s happened. How simple! If there was no alternative to it, nothing could be simpler. There is no alternative to your awakening; therefore, nothing is simpler than it. The idea that there is an alternative is what is binding you here. What is the idea of an alternative? The possibility of mechanism. What I just got through reading you is that mechanism is impossible. As soon as I admit to the possibility, you immediately grab it and make the impossible possible. All the unhealed teachers do this. So they associate with the vehicle of their own self-identity in order to get there, and they literally can’t. Because the mechanism is going on fully each moment. It has nothing to do with it in the correlation of it in the past association. Why? All associations of mechanism are really past. I just got through reading you that.

Finally, you’re at the point where you may simply answer me, if you want to, “Why are you doing this?” This is the only question you’ll finally really ask. If you’re in an association with yourself, and I have given you, through our demonstration of each other, your capacity to do it, I am in a direct confrontation with you now. This then is the only possibility of solution, is your continuing – what you would call temptation – looking at the temptation you have to associate with yourself and releasing it each moment. That should become, and does become, constant in your mind as a holy instant – until then you will do nothing. Until then no progress is possible. Why? Now you’re going to live in that moment of time when this was heard and was resolved. It’s very simple. It’s also very difficult for the perceptual mind. But fortunately, it’s totally difficult. Nothing could be simpler than something that’s impossible. Nothing is more simply accomplished than something that is impossible. Write that down and study it – that’s the saying of our Academy – because the idea of impossibility is the idea of possibility. And if it is totally impossible, it’s real. It would have to be. You will always create a defense against that, but you must be making a selected decision to make it impossible. You have to be doing that, or you wouldn’t know that it’s impossible. Do you see that? Now you can select all your decisions you want, to authenticate the impossible being possible. We’ll do this sitting in classes, so hopefully, you’ll have some sort of experience about it.

The impossible happens immediately; everything else will take time. Isn’t that true? Being impossible, the miracle, is going on all the time. Everything else that you try to do is going to take the time contained within the possibility or the impossibility associating with the impossibility. But two negatives do make a positive. So two total impossibilities become whole, because the impossible meets the impossible. There’s no such thing as that. That’s the moment of the bringing together of your own projections. A double negative is a positive, isn’t it? That’s why you must always deny your own denial. Shall I do that for you? Always deny your own denial. Don’t deny it and then study the associations of the denial. Deny that this is real, and you can get there. Never mind the alternative. There can be no alternative to something that is totally not real. What would the alternative be? If there is an alternative, both are unreal. This is the whole idea that there is no such thing as dualism or separation. You can hear me.

“That’s what all the philosophers for generations have been teaching.” What are you talking about? Those that heard it are gone from here. By naming the philosopher, you’ve condemned him to your perceptual association. He’s trying to tell you something more than that.

So you’re deciding each moment what you want it to be. Having determined time, you’re letting the effects of your previous decisions dictate the terms under which you accept yourself. At that moment neither one of the terms that you’re accepting are real. Isn’t that amazing? The most you can say about the original term is that it is gone. So crucify Him again, Christians. He’s standing all around here telling you the resurrection has occurred. “ I don’t like the Christian... I’d rather study it in some other identity; I’m better at denying it in another vernacular. I can formulate it better because I might be forced to look at the simple truth of the Sermon on the Mount.”

So there’s a very big healing going on here. And it transcends all of perception. So the perception was never true. The form really had nothing to do with it at all, did it? Yet each one of the forms is whole, and that’s the fun part about this. If you don’t construct them in your own mind, this will happen – and you’ll come into a bright new association with yourself. That’s fun.

Okay, everybody got that now? You’re going to teach this. Notice how close the associations will come to this and yet not want to hear it. Whenever they get too close, they fearfully turn away from the very simple message. You’re going to bring them together in a real broad array of self-identity or discipline of limitation, and show them that the release of the discipline will cause a new harmony. There’s some Italian psychiatrist who teaches this that I’d like to see. He teaches convergence – or the loss of this association. Some of those good minds should come here so they can examine their own psychology. They haven’t had the experience, but they have the discipline or capacity in the form to express it. It has nothing to do with the form, but rather with the creation of their own mind; I’m teaching the reasonableness of this. The passion will take care of itself. Given then the opportunity, you call it heart and associate your passion with death. If you have any – you’ve lost yours. You’ve become afraid of the passion of your own mind. Now you have neither heart or mind; how sad, because you’ve tried to separate your passion from the reasonableness that you are as God created you. How very sad. Now you have become afraid to show your own emotions, because they’re always going to cause you pain. Of course they are. So you stand there like nothing, like you’re drugged in your own mind. Yet it’s only your own dream. Is that a threshold of fear that you must pass? The answer to that is yes.

Remember that is going on all the time in your fear. “Inability” is the word that you use. But remember that all abilities are constructs of your own mind. You can remember the parting of the veil perfectly well. Because the remembrance of the parting of the veil must be what the parting of the veil is. But there is a veil and it’s in your mind. You can call this resurrection, forgiveness, awakening, atonement, perfection – what do I care what you call it. You already know about it. Why don’t you then undergo the experience of your mind? And this is what’s happening. Is this fear? It’s all the fear that there is. The total fear that there is, is this happening to you. You see that? Fear of reality. Fear of God. Fear of being whole. But you make it cancerous and try to steal from God so you can perform an act of sabotage on your own self – an amazing thing to do.

Yes, the cancer cell is the only eternal cell in your body. Therefore, become totally cancerous and you will be perfect. There is energy coming out of the cellular arrangement that literally gets used up. Same idea as the string theory or the time being dictated by an association that contains the time within the length of time. It’s very true, it’s impossible for you to conceive of a dot as reality. Can you get this? No matter what you do with the dot, you must give it breadth in order for it to have time. If you don’t give it any breadth, the dot will become the whole universe – which is what you are. So the string