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Transformative Discourses

As a transformative imperative, A Course In Miracles will perfectly assist and accelerate the necessary confrontation of your objective self-identity and the whole subjective universe that surrounds you, so that you may undergo your inevitable experience of resurrection and enlightenment.

What you are afraid of, and deny through your own possessive fear, is your own illumination; you are returning to God Mind through the memory of your transverse from temporal being to the reality of eternal life.

So, it is your transition from death to life. From your old meaningless self-existence that is, in reality, long over and gone. It is a teaching in initiation or the determination of an individual mind to come to its own whole universal self.

It is the rite of your passage from time to eternity, from the apparent occurrence of separation to the remembrance that you are perfect as God created you. It is accomplished through a bright reassociation of your individual perceptual self-identity.

It is an awakening. This unearthly catechism is directing you to the confrontation of the necessity of parting the veil. Every obstacle that peace must flow across is surmounted in the exact same way. The fear that raised it yields to the love beyond, and so the fear is gone.

Discourses With Master Teacher

How Simple the Solution
Discourses With Master Teacher

Introducing A Course In Miracles
Scripture From Resurrected Man

The Sum and Substance of Our Eternal Reality

The Paradox of Eternal Life

The Return of the Heretic
The First Seven Years

Meeting at the No-Regrets Café

12 Steps to Enlightenment
How It Really Works

The titles listed here are anthologies of transcripts of recorded talks
given through the revelatory mind of the Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles.
Very little editing has been done to the transcripts, in hope of maintaining
and conveying the exciting, spontaneous spiritual continuity.