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Discourses With Master Teacher

“The Course In Miracles, as expressed in perhaps mystical Christianity, is nothing but the search for the Holy Grail. It is nothing but that. The whole idea of the purification of you through service and forgiving is to do nothing but bring your perceptual mind together to formulate a new reality, which is the Grail.

If you would begin to look at the mystical teachings of Christianity in the transformation process and incorporate those into the workings of the Course In Miracles, it would be of great benefit to you. The problem that you have is that always the idea of individual transformation has been expurgated from the established church, which maintains that salvation comes through a mutual association of mind, rather than the coming through transformation to a Whole Mind. But all you would have to do is begin to look historically at Christianity, and it would be very obvious to you that the heretics are the statements of Jesus Christ.”