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Resurrecting To Reality

The Expanding Realization Of Your True Self

I am very happy to see that you’ve stayed with me in the idea of the possibility of the resurrection of your body. This is our Course In Miracles and I am representing to you the advancement that I obtained through self-realization, the simple admission that the problems that confront you in this world could never be solved. So that the moment of devastation that occurred allowed me to see that all of my self-constructions of body were totally meaningless. And I underwent an enlightening event that I’m offering to you that you just accepted, and it will contain within it the certainty of self-realization that is inherent in you and did occur.

Thank you for allowing me to begin to stimulate in our associations in space/time the very simple excitement of the realization of your escape from time. All right? Now, whether you employ the word “resurrection” really has no meaning to me. I’ve been watching some of your television that indicate the idea that you intend this body, grow old and decrepit, lose the things that you love, die and be laid into the ground, where worms can consume you, and somewhere following that episode in time you will be resurrected. What kind of nonsense is that? If the idea of resurrection is to demonstrate the eternal life that is the formulation of this universe, why would it require an ordeal of the idea of conversion, are you listening? - unless you were determined to hold on to the self-centering, we call this the ego, of your self-identity in order to justify the idea of death in order to become eternal.

Say to me, “The power of love heals.” There. Notice that as a teacher of God I have no concern about the disease from which you are suffering. My certainty involves only the necessity for you to realize that as you have constituted yourself in an idea about your body is not true.

I am whole and perfect as I was created.
I cannot suffer loss, I cannot be alone and I cannot die.

These are the teachings we are offering ourself at this moment and we are experiencing the joy and happiness of a new vitality that has become a part of what we are. So that in the exchange of our love we meet in moments of a new circumference of association that expands out into the universe. And that’s what we’re demonstrating to each other now.

So, it’s time for the lesson from the Teachers Manual of the Course. We have looked directly at “What is Death?” and recognized that it’s nothing, including this world. Let’s look quickly at what we’ve been talking about here now in this lesson of rejuvenation. What is the resurrection? Listen.

Very simply, the resurrection is the overcoming or surmounting of death. It is a reawakening or a rebirth; a change of mind about the meaning of the world. It is the acceptance of the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of the world’s purpose and the acceptance of the Atonement for oneself.

Doggone it! If that’s not the teachings of my savior Jesus Christ, I don’t know what it is. He told you that he would leave a field of energy with you at the time of his supposedly momentary departure in his own resurrection that would contain the wholeness of yourself in the entirety of your association. It was a potential of entirety that has always been available to you. Very simply the collapse of your idea of space/time location in a single devastating moment of death from which you now arise.

Say to me, “I believe that you’re expressing being born again?” What does Jesus say to Nicodemus? “Know you not you must be born again?” The son of man is not who you are. The faculties of recognition of yourself in a body form is not who you are. I have come from out of time to show you that you don’t belong in this agency and will demonstrate to you the power of your individual mind through the non-defense of the idea of the conflict from which you are suffering, to resurrect as I demonstrated it to you.

There is always a particular formulation in your little conceptual minds that Jesus resurrected two thousand years ago, and that the entire human species have existed for forty six hundred years. When looked at from the perspective of the age of the universe, which, as we understand from gamma rays, from re-associations of correspondence of the light, is about fourteen thousand million years old, you might want to look at the perspective of a couple of thousand years and see that it took just that long. How long is two thousand years? As long as it took for you to recognize your own resurrection as demonstrated at this time by anyone. Because if anyone anywhere is capable of undergoing an experience of resurrection, you could not not at this time be sharing in it. So, that the resurrection that we are reading about, is the overcoming of the idea of death. Listen.

It is the end of dreams of misery, and the glad awareness of the Holy Spirit’s final dream. It is the recognition of the gifts of God. It is the dream in which the body functions perfectly, having no function except communication. It is the lesson in which learning ends, for it is consummated and surpassed with this.

I’m going to try to teach just for a moment. Will you let me offer you the conclusions you can reach about yourself in ideas with yourself? I’m going to try it. Fundamentally it’s impossible for you to be separate from what everything is. That is, the universe is the single power of mind that you are, and in a particular sense you have nothing to say about it. Your insistence on having something to say about who you are in that very small parameter of consciousness justify the idea of yourself. Now, as I attempt to teach you, you will believe that I am justifying you in my assertion of my certainty of my mind in my relationship with the universe. Are you ready? I don’t justify you in any regard.

My entire offering to you is that each moment you can end up back where you started, but each moment that you speed up the procedure of a spiral galaxy and end up where you started, you will continue to employ the conversion of the black hole in the expanding realization of your true self, and at that moment you will be healed and perfect. What does this have to do with all the human beings in this world? Look at me. Nothing. There is no world. The world that you are identifying as yourself was over a long time ago and will be over at this moment if you believe that it is true. What am I going to do with you? I’m going to show you, not the reality of something else, but the entirety of the illusion. That is, the manner in which I heal you is actually not connected to your idea of disease at all. In that sense the healing that I am performing is as much a part of the illusion as is your idea of sickness.

The exception that is noted in the Teachers Manual, in the idea of Holy Spirit, is nothing but the realization that the converting nature of light energy will simultaneously correct any idea of mass or location contained within time. The idea that you believe that I’m going to convert the self that you think you are to your own whole new self is not true. That’s the ultimate threat with you. You don’t object to the idea that I’m offering you mind conversion, as long as I will justify your self-identity, at least for a moment, having forgotten that the moment of the justification for your self-identity, is why you’re here.

In the mind training of the Course, people are becoming more and more aware that this is a practice of the conversion of their minds. Yet each moment they have a tendency to compare the miracle with the retention of their own self-identity, with my simple observation at this time and place, that together, the miracle of realization of love, the idea of the union of our minds that we’re going to perform, will demonstrate at this time the certainty that this world is over; that it was a dream of death. So that in the re-illusionment of perfection you are being offered a true dream.

You are all the love that there will ever be in all the universe. Thank you for sharing my love for you at this moment, without the need for the particulars of our separate self-identities. Our Course has taught us, through practice, to continually release the idea of sequential time. Do you have your Workbooks? Are you listening to this? We’re broadcasting all over the world, and suddenly you’re beginning to meet people who are undergoing experiences. There’s one, right there. And you’re looking at each other within new parameters of light form. Listen. It’s still part of the illusion of separation, but what a joyful occasion in the idea that a new continuum of time is available to you where you don’t intend to utilize your body in order to represent yourself as getting old and decrepit, losing all the things that you love and dying.

I will not participate with you in your idea of body form, because a teacher of a continuing re-illusionment of light is offering you the entirety of the conversion of body form, at this moment. With the further admission, through Jesus, that when you are healed, as you were just then, you won’t be healed alone. And indeed, all of the faculties of mind that were a part of your parameter of space/time will feel the joy of your healing, and that’s what’s happening right here and now.

Excepts from
What Is The Resurrection? - We Are Risen... We Are Risen Indeed - Episode II
with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles