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Collaboration, Arbitration and
the Meaninglessness of Fear

Mistake Not Truce For Peace

Fear is the necessity of self-definition.
Fear and judgement are synonymous.

Perceptual thought is a futile attempt to attack reality.
Mistake not truce for peace.

The Peace of God is not an arbitration.
Arbitration is a meaningless attempt to retain
the conflict of self-identity.

Your opinions have nothing to do with reality. Death is nothing but a meaningless opinion.

Fear is a temporary solution to an unreal (unsolvable) problem.
Time is an invention of perceptual mind.

Fear is only a sequential arrangement of perceptual thought.
Nothing could be more fearful than sequential time association.

Since conflict is always past, it can never be resolved.

Notice that compromise means both to settle a conflict amicably
and to make a dishonorable or shameful concession.
How meaningless is the idea that reality is a form of collaboration.

Collaboration, arbitration, temporal resolution are solutions
that depend on observation (death) to succeed.
They are only meaningless attempts to keep cause and effect together
and apart at the same time.
Reality (creation) is the eternal extension of singular cause –
God has but one Son and that Son is you.

Opinion is always a statement of an unreal condition of a
previous arbitration of your conceptual thought form association.
It has nothing to do with what you are in reality and is in fact nonexistent.

All circumstance (space/time relationship) is your individual self-identity (human condition)
attempting to retain thought form association.
Retention of thought (potentiality) is what time (death) is.