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Gethsemane to Galilee

“The problem is that all of the phenomenal occurrences must finally involve our gathering together at this time to demonstrate our resurrection rather than our continuing crucifixion of each other. Notice how imperative it is that you see that Calvary, the place of the skull, is exactly where the resurrection, physically in your body, has to occur. I know this will astonish you, but the entire teachings of Jesus of Nazareth is that you will undergo the entirety of the experience based on the certainty that I offer you my body resurrection. I am saying to you that if you want to do this with me, here is what we will do: I will demonstrate to you my resurrection of body at Golgotha. Heretofore, you have seen it as death rather than life. This is literally true in your own mind. The whole teaching is that I am demonstrating to you your own Christhood.”