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Toowoomba, Australia

The Call To Awaken

Strange as it may seem, it is necessary that I make my message complicated in some regards, or the fractured imagery you call self, in your dream, could not hear me at all. Since you are devious by your own conception we must lead you to the light of truth by your own devious route.

Because of the manner in which you think, you are inevitably perplexed by simplicity. The simpler it becomes the more perplexing. You end up trying to express the simple truth in very complicated fashions.

Total truth is incomprehensible to you by the very nature of its simplicity. Nothing is more difficult for your self-constructed identity than the idea of a complete wholeness or singularity that includes your thoughts about it. Truth and nothing else is True. When you awaken from this dream you will laugh out loud at the idea of separate or relative truths.

Come then and reason with me. I awaken you now as you instructed me long ago, when time began and ended.

Friday Morning - Toowoomba


Friday Afternoon - Toowoomba


Saturday Morning - Toowoomba

Chemical Wave Communication


Saturday Afternoon - Toowoomba


Sunday Morning - Toowoomba


Monday Morning - Toowoomba

Creative Thinking, Vision, Revelation


Tuesday Morning - Toowoomba

Longevity and Existence


Wednesday Morning - Toowoomba