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The Transformative Series

Many of the Transformative series recordings contain the spontaneous verbal, often intensely emotional, responses of participants undergoing their individual mental reassociation and transfiguration. Master Teacher's discourses always ignite intensely emotional responses in participants as they begin to undergo their individual mental reassociation and transfiguration. As well, there are highly charged enthusiastic responses to this wholly dedicated, totally simple, lovingly communicated message of truth.

Indeed, this outpouring of freedom to create that occurs through the release of your former necessity to retain self-inflicted loneliness, pain, aging and death, is the bright contagion of whole mind. These recordings may well act as a catalyst for you who are listening in your own self identity of space/time to undergo the experience of enlightenment necessary to fulfill your inevitable purpose for living...

To remember you are whole and perfect as God created you.

The Audios of The Transformative Series