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Miracles Healing Center

In God All Things Are Possible

Our mission is to offer you a joyous experience of rebirth and awakening
through miracles, forgiveness and the eternal Love of God.

The sole purpose of the Miracles Healing Center is to re-establish communication between this world and the Universe that is apparently outside and all around us. The medium of miracles at the Miracles Healing Center is prayer. Through prayer the love of our Creator is received. Through a holy moment of communication with the reality of eternal life, we experience a complete restoration of our original and continuing perfection. The Miracles Healing Center demonstrates the total possibility of miraculous and spontaneous healing through the admission and recognition of our perfection in the Mind of God. It is a place of spiritual awakening and rebirth where we share together the miraculous healing power of the courageously simple act of total forgiveness that is the key to eternal life.

Our instructions come from the New Testament by and about Jesus Christ and the manner and method of our salvation and resurrection that is His message contained in A Course In Miracles. We heal through the power of Christ Mind. Under the auspices of the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor of Wisconsin, the Miracles Healing Center is located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It hosts worship celebrations, spiritual and healing retreats, a weekly program of study, active prayer, meditation, 12-Step, Bible classes and healing sessions. The Miracles Healing Center works in conjunction with other Miracles Healing and Communication Centers all around the world. Their mission is to demonstrate through miracles the healing power of the mind through the eternal love of God.