Privacy Policy

New Christian Church
of Full Endeavor

In God All Things Are Possible

This is your awakening. Every obstacle that peace must flow across
is surmounted in exactly the same way; the fear that raised it
yields to the love beyond and so the fear is gone.

The New Christian Church of Full Endeavor and its worldwide affiliates are a provision for the discovery, worship and celebration of God. We are, together, in aggregate and singly, individuals from around the world who have chosen to accept the immediate and direct path to enlightenment and resurrection remembered through the unqualified application of forgiveness and unconditional love as taught by our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Church is a forum for spiritual awakening and rebirth by the grace of God’s love, wherein we discover together the key to eternal life. The offering of the Church reflects the traditional Christian disciplines of dedication, devotion, service and contemplative study. Our focus includes active prayer and worship, service, education, dissemination and communication through--out the world of the teachings of healing and forgiveness as prescribed by Jesus Christ in the New Testament and His Course In Miracles.


We, as Members of the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor, acknowledge with honor and gratitude to Almighty God the Father, the process of transformation that is occurring in us and in all the world; a process of Healing and Forgiveness that through our individual Full Endeavor will bring about the recognition of the brotherhood of man in the worship of God.