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The New Beginning Series

Reflecting the frequency of a brand new continuum of time, the Master Teacher in this series explores the integrating power of the conceptual idea of an anthropic universe applied to individual consciousness. Total responsibility for what one perceives, permits one to change in an instant, to a new idea of perception in its entirety. The most important single requirement in this process is your own personal determination to see differently.

“That is to say, the universe that we see out there is the factoring of our own individual self identity, that is only an accumulation of thought patterns of light that we use to justify how we want to project out into our universe...”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The New Beginning Series

A New Beginning

Rules For Decision

Episodes I & II


The Passionate Reality Of Our
Anthropic Universe

Episodes I & II


The Final Vision

I Will Be Still An Instant And Go Home
I Am Among The Ministers Of God

Episodes I & II


The Transition

For They Have Come - The Time Of Rebirth

Episodes I & II


The Healing Of The Dream

The Picture Of Crucifixion - Beyond All Symbols

Episodes I & II