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The Successful Transformation Series

Teaching from the perspective of the successful completion of your transformation, the Master Teacher synthesizes material from the Workbook of the Course, the New Testament, Deepak Chopra, and Scientific American to offer you the inevitability of your healing.

You can’t go anywhere; you can’t go beyond the speed of light. You’re trapped in the mechanics of the invention of time, which is what space is. You don’t like it - there is no reality, there isn’t anything real about you. So in order to offer you the solution - I am offering you a more rapid conversion of the distance between darkness and light. I am offering you my certainty that the solution is never contained in the mechanics, since creation, that I just read you, is a single reality as you awaken from the dream of what you are.

The Videos of The Successful Transformation Series

The Successful Transformation
Of The Human Being

Episode I: What Is The Body?
Episode II: What Is Creation?


The Manual For Teachers
Of Our Course In Miracles