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The Miracle Reunion Series

The Miracle Reunion Series is a many-faceted gem from the mind of the Master Teacher. Filmed on-location at the Presidio in San Francisco, it includes three classic videos... “Yes I Know, But What's A Miracle?”, “The Power Of Decision Is My Own” and “A Beginner's 12 Step Meeting - How It Works”.

The fundamental nature of the 12 Step Program is literally, “I can't solve the problem. He will if I let Him.” There's nothing else in the Program. And those of you who say “I know all about the 12 Step Program” are, I'm sorry to tell you, dead wrong. You do not know about this program. If you knew about this program, your problems would be over forever. You would walk around each day, saying, “I'm happy. I have found a contact with God.” When I got up this morning, I saw that today, well-lived, was going to afford me everything I could ever ask.

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Miracle Reunion Series