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The Mission Possible Series

Among the first videos produced by the Master Teacher, the Mission Possible series contains several classic presentations. They are wide-ranging both in content and staging, but within each is an offering worth any price. Embedded within these video archives is the seed of your recognition that there is an alternative that is not of this world. This remembrance is restored to your awareness through an activation from the certainty of the illuminate mind of the Master Teacher and, through your admission and willingness to release, if just for a moment, the striving within you to gratify your human associations. The gift is the enlightenment of mind, and the union with God that is the fulfillment of the promise of A Course In Miracles.

I’m offering you an alternative that you can’t identify. Sounds very much like a dependence on your Creative Source. Sounds very much like you’re going to have to give up all of your contrived determinations to express yourself as a body and very simply accept an alternative that is not of your own making and one in which you cannot possibly have an association within your temporal, spatial reference, very simply because it’s the reality of life rather than what you constitute as life.

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Mission Possible Series

Exercising Your Option Of Instant Departure

Episode I


Liening On The Everlasting Arms

Episode II


The Resolution Brings The Affirmation

Episode III


There’ll Be Some Changes Made

Episode IV


The Holy Reunion

Beyond All Intention

Episode V


What An Idea

The Pure Grandeur Of Pro-Gravity

Episode VI


Your Time Is Up At Last

Here It Begins And Ends

Episode VII


The Healing Power of Love

A Holy Instant Of Recovery

Episode VIII


The Great Reversal

Shining Through

Episode IX


You Are The Kingdom Of God

Episode X


A Close Encounter
With My True Identity

The Power Of Decision Is My Own

Episode XI