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The Bible Studies Series

Nothing is going to excite you more, I'm using the Course in Miracles and the New Testament, than the idea that he is really resurrected and that if he's really resurrected, you could believe what he says about you, which is that you're also resurrected with him, because there is only one Son of God, and you've got me teaching a little catechism here. That should begin to excite you because the salvation through the declaration of your savior Jesus depends on you standing up and saying, “I'm going to follow him; I'm not from here; I'm still in Heaven,” and all the things that went with the teaching, and subject yourself to the objection of this world. Is there anyone in this class that didn't hear that? Now, the key for you to remember is his fundamental teaching that as you mete, you will be measured. If you continue to declare this message that you have, the world will have to change, because the world that is attacking you is only your own associations with yourself.

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Bible Studies Series