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The Mind Training Series

In this original video Mind-training series, the Master Teacher conveys the inevitability of the transformation available through your application of A Course In Miracles.

In a particular sense you are a defense against everything because you've enclosed yourself in your own identity and justified the nature of what you think you are. What I attempt to do in A Course in Miracles is to show you that we are of one mind. As a healer, I have experienced the wholeness of my association in this aggregation of energy or light that you call space/time. I am using my mind to heal because reality is mind. Do you see? The associations of the identity that I have given myself are very simply preventing me from having an experience of my reality and the reality of the Love of God. There is a healing procedure going on now, if you will let it.

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Mind Training Series

What In Hell’s Going On Here?

Episode I


It’s About Time

Episode II


On A Clear Day

Episode III


The Joyful Reality Of Your Illuminate Mind

Episode IV


The Infinite Maze Of Human Conception

Episode V


Sharing The Radiance Of Your Eternal Reality

Episode VI


At Last We Meet Again

The Journey Without Distance

Episode VII


Ask Not The Sparrow How The Eagle Soars

Episode VIII


It All Depends On You

An Exciting Encounter With Reality

Episode IX


Resurrection In Progress

A Very Personal Directive From Your Savior

Episode X


You’re The Talk Of The Universe

Announcing The Blessed Event Of You

Episode XI