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The Advent of a Great Awakening Series

“What is the Course In Miracles?
It is a solution to the ultimate cosmic mystery.”

- Master Teacher

The subject matter of these video lessons range from an introduction to A Course In Miracles, to Power of Mind, to Miracle Healing. These video lessons are designed to activate our memory of our Divine Inheritance through our individual application of the psychology of self-responsibility and the practice of the art of forgiveness. The Master Teacher, as an awakener, paves the way for the return of timelessness and love’s awakening in each of us.

“We proceed to demonstrate that the Course In Miracles is a moment of instantaneous communication, not in any way connected to the longevity of time. There it was! There it is again.

Every body that you come in contact with is in a different location in space/time. He’s in his own correspondence with himself, objectified by who he thinks he is, in which he searches for correspondences in space/time of separate identities who are operating relatively in their own idea about themselves. Look at me. Within the Holy Spirit, within the tachyon field of energy, there is no relationship at any moment with what you term objective reality. We term that instantaneous communication. There it was!”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Advent of a Great Awakening Series

The Advent Of A Great Awakening

Episodes I & II


What Is A Course In Miracles?

Episodes I & II


How Are Miracles Accomplished?

It's Just A Matter Of Time

Episodes I & II


The Final Vision

Together At The End Of Time

Episodes I & II


How To Heal The Sick
And Raise The Dead

Episodes I & II


Recognizing The Power That Is Given
To You On Earth And In Heaven

Episodes I & II