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The Manual for Teachers Series

In his first video series on the Course’s Manual for Teachers, the Master Teacher explores the fundamental nature of healing through the action of forgiveness.

Answering in this series the questions posed in the Teacher’s Manual from an expression of true perception, he enhances our understanding experientially of such basic Course concepts as time, singularity, miracles and death.

“This Course In Miracles is specifically designed for a relationship identified as consciousness in space/time, separate from the reality of the single eternal life. In other words, it is designed for you. This is the demonstration of the power of your mind to heal, and from the Teachers Manual of A Course In Miracles, how that healing is accomplished. One of the things we learn initially, is that it’s accomplished by asking our Creator for help.”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Manual for Teachers Series

Who Are God's Teachers?
How Many Teachers Of God
Are Needed To Save The World?

Episodes I & II


How Is Healing Accomplished?

Demonstrating Your Decision To Be Perfectly Healed

Episodes I & II


Is Healing Certain?

Discovering A Brand New Parameter Of Time

Episodes I & II


The Cosmic Fugitive


How Can Perception Of Order
Of Difficulties Be Avoided?

The Power Of Mind To Heal

Episodes I & II


Loving Our Neighbor As Our Self

And He Has Shown Us Greater
Works And We Have Marveled


Are Changes Required In The
Life Situation Of God's Teachers

And You Know Where I Am Going
And You Know The Way


How Is Judgment Relinquished? /
How Is Peace Possible In This World?

And You Know Where I Am Going
And You Know The Way

Episodes I & II


What Is The Real Meaning
Of Sacrifice?

Sitting With The Old Man

Episodes I & II


How Will The World End?

The Natural Process Of Miraculous Healing

Episode I


How Will The World End?

We Discover Each Other At The End Of Time Through
Remembering I Am The Holy Son Of God Himself

Episodes II & III


What Is The Peace Of God?

Episodes I & II


What Is Death?

A Vivid Resolution To An Unsolvable Mystery

Episodes I & II


What Is The Resurrection?

We Are Risen... We Are Risen Indeed

Episodes I & II


What Is The Role Of Words In Healing?

Episodes I & II


How Are Healing And Atonement Related?

Episodes I & II