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The New Continuum of Time Series

This series of videos is a gentle and wide-ranging introduction to healing through the transformation of the mind. In these personal visits, Master Teacher addresses the inevitable and problematic consequences of the human condition of body identification. In contrast, he offers a complete alternative to the species’ temporal encounter with suffering, aging and death.

Addressing within the series several specific diseases, including arthritis and Parkinson’s disease, heart and lung disease, Master Teacher demonstrates that healing does not occur through a process of conceptual understanding but through direct and miraculous contact with God. Epitomizing this communication, he offers the miracle of phenomenal healing through the attention of love in forgiveness. Miraculous healing, thus, becomes an expression of the love that inspires it.

“The fundamental process by which you come to know this is the admission that you are the cause of all that is going on around you within the scenario of the dream sequence that you’re playing. Obviously, if you remain objective within your own body, it would appear that the world out there can actually have an effect on you. And since you allow it to have an effect on you, it does. And now you play a part that the world has assigned to you, despite your predetermination somewhere deep within you that it’s not who you are.”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The New Continuum of Time Series

How To Heal The Sick
And Raise The Dead

Episodes I & II


The Quantum Healing Of Jesus Christ

Episodes I & II


The Incredible Healing Power
Of Forgiving Love

Episodes I & II


The Healing Power of Jesus
Has Set Us Free At Last

Episodes I & II


Demonstrating Miracle Healing
Through The Light And Love Of Jesus

Episodes I, II & III


The Jesus Christ Solution

Episodes I & II


My Heart Is The Way,
My Mind Is The Truth,
And My Neighbor Is Myself

Episodes I & II


The Catalyst Of Forgiving Love
Healing Target: Arthritis

Episodes I & II


Time Traveling With Our Savior
Wherein We Discover The Real World


The Catalyst Of Forgiving Love
Healing Target: Parkinson's Disease

Episodes I & II


The 12 Step Program
And A Course In Miracles

Recovering From A Terminal Disease

Episodes I & II


The Catalyst Of Forgiving Love
Healing Target: Heart Disease

Episodes I & II


Baptized By A Breath Of Light
Healing Target: Lung Disease

Episodes I & II


Baptized By A Breath Of Light
Healing The Disease Of Death

Episodes I & II


The Discovery Of Your True Reality

Episodes I & II


The Final Vision

Episode I: Self Concept Versus Self
Episode II: Finding The Present


The Healing Power Of Prayer

Healing Prayer Lessons of A Course In Miracles


The New Testament of Jesus Christ


Death Versus Life
Time Versus Eternity

Episodes I & II


This Continuum Is Closed
Exit Laughing

Episodes I & II


The Joyful Point Of No Return

Episodes I, II & III


Remembering The Here And Now

Episodes I & II