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The Illuminate Mind Training Series

The video series, Illuminate Mind Training, offers an invitation to an immediate contact with the Singular Power of the Reality of Eternal Life. Presented as a self-study program, the format of A Course In Miracles is a workbook of daily lessons, a text, and a teacher’s manual. Covering the Course Workbook lessons 1-200 in this series of talks, the Master Teacher embodies the dramatic shift to true perception that is promised in the workbook introduction. The stated purpose of the workbook is to:

“Train your mind in a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world The very nature of true or enlightened perception is that it has no limits. It is the opposite of the way you see now. True perception is the means by which the world is saved from sin, for sin does not exist. And it is this that true perception sees.”

The Workbook is a primer of how enlightened mind thinks. These lessons are designed to activate our memory of our Divine Inheritance through our individual application of the psychology of self-responsibility and the practice of the art of forgiveness.

“This is what this mind training is. It must begin with some fundamental admission that you, right here, are unhappy with how you see yourself in the terms of your self-identity concerning your relationship with this world and the things that are about you. This is to train your mind in a systematic way to a new way to look at yourself to present a new you to the world so that the world will see you in a new way in the admission that you are the cause of the world.”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Illuminate Mind Training Series

Changing My Mind About Everything

Workbook Lessons 1-7


My Practice Of Being Right Now

Workbook Lessons 8-15


Requiring My Presence Where
It All Began and Ended

Workbook Lessons 16-23


I Am Free From The Bondage Of Time

Workbook Lessons 24-30


Love Resolves My Identity Crisis

Workbook Lessons 31-35


I'm Right In The Middle
Of My Own Holiness

Workbook Lessons 36-41


All About God And How
I Found Myself

Workbook Lessons 42-45


A Holy Solution
The Time, The Place And The Fact
Of The Matter

Workbook Lessons 46-50


Who In Hell Is The Light Of The World

Workbook Lessons 61-66


Our Secret Love

Workbook Lessons 67-69


I Will There Be Light

Workbook Lessons 70-76


I Am As God Created Me

Workbook Lessons 91-94


My One And Only Self
That Is Forever Me

Workbook Lessons 95-97


God’s Will For Me Is Perfect Happiness

Workbook Lessons 101-103


Forgiveness Is The Key To Happiness

Workbook Lesson 121


Forgiveness Offers Everything
I Want / I Thank My Father For
His Gifts To Me

Workbook Lessons 122-123


Let Me Remember I Am One With God

Workbook Lesson 124


In Quiet I Receive God's Word Today /
All That I Give Is Given To Myself

Workbook Lessons 125-126


There Is No Love But Gods

Workbook Lesson 127


The World I See Holds Nothing
That I Want / Beyond This World
There Is A World I Want

Workbook Lessons 128-129


It Is Impossible To See Two Worlds

Workbook Lesson 130


No One Can Fail Who Seeks
To Reach The Truth

Workbook Lesson 131


If I Defend Myself I Am Attacked /
Sickness Is A Defense Against The Truth

Workbook Lessons 135-136


When I Am Healed
I Am Not Healed Alone

Workbook Lesson 137


All Things Are Echoes
Of The Voice For God

Workbook Lesson 151


The Power Of Decision Is My Own

Workbook Lesson 152


In My Defenselessness My Safety Lies

Workbook Lesson 153


I Am Among The Ministers Of God

Workbook Lesson 154


I Will Step Back And
Let Him Lead The Way

Workbook Lesson 155


I Walk With God In Perfect Holiness

Workbook Lesson 156


Into His Presence Would I Enter Now

Workbook Lesson 157


Today I Learn To Give As I Receive

Workbook Lesson 158


I Give The Miracles I Have Received

Workbook Lesson 159


I Am At Home
Fear Is The Stranger Here

Workbook Lesson 160


Give Me Your Blessings
Holy Son Of God

Workbook Lesson 161


I Am As God Created Me

Workbook Lesson 162


There Is No Death
The Son Of God Is Free

Workbook Lesson 163


Now Are We One With Him
Who Is Our Source

Workbook Lesson 164


Let Not My Mind Deny
The Thought Of God

Workbook Lesson 165


I Am Entrusted With
The Gifts Of God

Workbook Lesson 166


There Is One Life And That I Share
With God / There Is No Cruelty In God
And None In Me

Workbook Lessons 167-170


I Trust My Brothers
Who Are One With Me

Workbook Lesson 181


I Will Be Still An Instant And Go Home

Workbook Lesson 182


I Call Upon Gods Name
And On My Own

Workbook Lesson 183


The Name Of God Is My Inheritance

Workbook Lesson 184


I Want The Peace Of God

Workbook Lesson 185


Salvation Of The World
Depends On Me

Workbook Lesson 186


I Bless The World Because
I Bless Myself

Workbook Lesson 187


The Peace Of God Is Shining In Me Now

Workbook Lesson 188


I Feel The Love Of God
Within Me Now

Workbook Lesson 189


I Choose The Joy Of God
Instead Of Pain

Workbook Lesson 190


I Am The Holy Son Of God Himself

Workbook Lesson 191


I Have A Function God
Would Have Me Fill

Workbook Lesson 192


All Things Are Lessons God
Would Have Me Learn

Workbook Lesson 193


I Place The Future In The Hands Of God

Workbook Lesson 194


Love Is The Way I Walk In Gratitude

Workbook Lesson 195


It Can Be But Myself I Crucify

Workbook Lesson 196


It Can Be But My Gratitude I Earn

Workbook Lesson 197


Only My Condemnation Injures Me

Workbook Lesson 198


I Am Not A Body I Am Free

Workbook Lesson 199


There Is No Peace
Except The Peace Of God

Workbook Lesson 200


Arriving At The Point Of Transition

Introduction To Lessons 221-365


What Is Forgiveness?