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The Communelight Series

In this video series, the Master Teacher revisits some of our favorite lessons from the Workbook and sections from the Text of A Course In Miracles. He confronts the fundamental building block of human conceptual thought - the presumption of the reality of death. Master Teacher disrupts this “certainty” of human existence to offer a complete alternative to this paradigm of “reality.”

“At the minimum we need an application within a factoring of the specie - what we call ) ‘Homo sapiens,’ that until we could observe it within the universe, it’s not there. The observation of the entirety of everything that has ever been, eliminates the necessity for you to construct yourself - a little quantum physics here! - for you to observe yourself in any regard. Do you see this? But if this is going to be true, you could not not, within the void of the entirety of objective ideas about yourself and the universe, arrive at the conclusion that the universe itself - are you ready? - is nothing.”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Communelight Series