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The Joy Series

In this series, the Master Teacher utilizes some of our favorite selections in the Course to explore the fundamental idea that conceptual mind is the cause of the world it perceives. In riveting demonstration, he invites you to awaken from dark form to the representation of a Single Whole Idea of Perfection that is Universal Mind.

“In effect, what we are saying in this Course In Miracles, in the conversion of the concepts of the power of your mind to express the entirety of an alternative, is that you are nothing but a condition of a reflection of light, contained within the formulation of thoughts that you have about yourself, reflected within a continuum of time, being demonstrated by the fractured-ism of light that gives you a falsity about the true nature of who you really are.”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Joy Series

Attainment Of The Real World

Undoing Parallel Universes

Episodes I & II


For They Have Come

The Voice For God Has Called
And You Have Answered

Episodes I & II


The Passing Of The Dream

Our Dreams Of Love Come True At Last

Episodes I & II


Remembering The Dream
Of A Forgotten Song

The Responsibility For Awakening From
This Dream Of Death Is Yours

Episodes I & II


The Healing Of The Dream

The True Story Of A Dream Of Love

Episodes I & II


The Awakening

The Closing Of The Gap

Episodes I & II


The Justice Of God

The Healing Power Of Love That
Is The Light Of Our Mind

Episodes I & II


The Gifts Of The Kingdom

The Power Of Mind That Heals
Through The Loving Heart

Episodes I & II


The Awakening Of Our Memory
Of Being At Home

The End Of Our Sojourn In Time

Episodes I & II


Healing And Wholeness

The Universal Inspiration That Is The
Radiant Joy Of Our Healed Mind

Episodes I & II


A Holy Encounter With Eternal Love

The Radiant Peace Of Sharing
Our Guilt Of Love Together

Episodes I & II


The Substitute Reality

A Quasar Of Light In An Eternal Moment Of Love

Episodes I & II


I Loose The World From
All I Thought It Was

I Am Real Because The World Is Not,
And I Would Know My Own Reality

Episodes I & II