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The Peace Series

In this video series, Master Teacher demonstrates the dynamics of healing inherent in the paradox of eternal life. Man’s attempt to mediate conceptually between a world of suffering and death and his awareness of the Perfection of Eternal Life protracts the dilemma of the human condition. The Ultimate Solution available through the physical resurrection is simply that there is no alternative to your Perfection. Each moment in time, in an admission of the unsolvability of the dilemma of where you appear to find yourself, the healing resolution offered by the revelation of Christmind is available to you.

“We are going to practice it together, because I see you’re beginning to feel that with me. Whatever else you thought you were, out there in that correspondence with yourself as a human being, it’s not who you are. Can you see it with me? You are Life Eternal, for ever, and extending into the Universe, for ever. The mind that I am offering you, is a transformation of your mind, in a single experience of who you are, in this correspondence. Will you listen to me, now, for a minute? You’re not going to be a body form, no matter how much you attempt to demonstrate it to me...”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Peace Series

The Text - Chapter 28
The Undoing Of Fear

“The Present Memory“
We Experience Together An Ancient
Memory Of Before Time Was

Episodes I & II


LOVE - The Sum And Substance
Of Our Reality

The Healing Power Of Love

Episodes I & II


The Miracle Healers Handbook

The Salvation Of This World Depends On Me
There Is No Peace Except The Peace Of God

Episodes I & II


I Am Not A Body I Am Free.
I Am Still As God Created Me.

Episodes I & II


It Is Impossible To See Two Worlds

I Am Real Because The World Is Not,
And I Would Know My Own Reality

Episodes I & II


I Will Be Still An Instant And Go Home

When I Am Healed I Am Not Healed Alone

Episodes I & II


A Simple Matter Of Life And Death

The Choice Is Yours

Episodes I & II