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The Quantum Resolution Series

Quantum physicists are challenging our common sense objective experience and are demanding a radical reformulation of our scientific understanding of physical reality. Hovering on the edge of religious rhetoric, scientists are beginning to discuss the idea of a “unified theory” of creation. Where but in a personal experience of singularity do the worlds of science and religion meet? What does the simultaneous communication of distant particles imply about the reality of our apparent separation from one another? Have we limited our definition of life to the perception of a narrow range of reflective light energy? Was Jesus the first quantum scientist in his assertion that “I am the light of the world?”

The experience of eternal life demonstrated by Jesus in His Resurrection is the same truth advocated in the lessons of the Workbook and endorsed by quantum physicists in their recognition of the unreality of observed form. The Master Teacher witnesses to...

“Making the connection between this quantum leap, this stepping from objective time to eternal reality, the movement from the dark particle form to the certainty of the wave of creative light energy, is only an acknowledgment of a unified force field or a Holy Spirit - a totality of the continuing unity reassociation of time and eternity.”

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Quantum Resolution Series

The Quantum Resolution

Volume I: Salvation Through The Jesus
Uncertainty Principle
Volume II: A Joyous Entanglement With Jesus


The Quantum Resolution

Volume III: And I Saw A New Heaven And A New Earth
Well, It's About Time...
Volume IV: I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life
Well, It’s About Time...