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The Final Revision Series

In this special sequence of videos the Master Teacher celebrates the homecoming of the teachers of God, and invites you to the miraculous advent of the reunion of your mind with the Mind of God.

You have come a long way. You are very much closer to the end of time than you realize. Now it is time at last to free yourself from this chaotic world of loneliness, loss, pain and death - a world constructed by your own nightmare of self identity. Come and free yourself that the world may be free. Come now to this celebration, you who are heavy-laden. We invite you to experience the incomparable healing energies of love emanating from this ever expanding circle of atonement. You are entering into a brand new yet very ancient rapidly accelerating continuum of time, in which you will recognize yourself as a perfect creation of God.

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Final Revision Series

Reflections Of Before The Big Bang

The Mystery That Gave Us This Universe
Of Space And Time
(In Memory Of The Saxophone Of Boots Randolph)


The Mystery Of An
Entirely Different World

Discovering The Secret Of Your Salvation
(Music Of Thomas Wright “Fats” Waller)


An Adventure In Self Discovery

Celebrating The Homecoming Of The Teachers Of God



The Discovery Of A New Space And Time


I Am The One Self
United With My Creator

Celebrating The Homecoming Of The Teachers Of God