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The Entangled Teleportation Series

Once again, in this video series, the Master Teacher demonstrates teleportation, the limitless range of communicative possibility that is the procedure of the mind training lessons of the workbook, or the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. The following lessons are emphasized: I see only the past; My thoughts are images that I have made; I am determined to see; I am determined to see differently; Above all else I want to see; There is another way of looking at the world; There is no death, the Son of God is free; I am sustained by the love of God; I am the light of the world.

The success that I am implying with you in the notation of teleporting can best be demonstrated in what we call a miracle of the training of your mind. And the way I am going to demonstrate it is to threaten you immediately with the possibility of teleporting to a different location than the one in which you found yourself. Are you ready for that?

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The Entangled Teleportation Series

I See Only The Past / My Thoughts
Are Images That I Have Made

We Meet At The End Of This Space Time Episode

Episodes I & II


I Am Determined To See / Above All
Else I Want To See Things Differently

We Meet At The End Of This Space Time Episode

Episodes I & II


There Is Another Way Of Looking
At The World / There Is No Death The
Son Of God Is Free

Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery In Physics

Episodes I & II


I Am Sustained By The Love Of God

Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery In Physics


I Am The Light Of The World

We Leave This Continuum Of Time Together


I Am Not A Body I Am Free At Last

The End Of This Sequence Of Time