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The New Sequence Series

Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Glenn Miller, and Tony Bennett accompany the Master Teacher throughout this series, in the great experiment of the parting of the veil to reveal the ancient melody of our commitment to remain always faithful to our mission of A Course In Miracles, in the recognition that no one can fail who seeks to reach the Truth.

Enter graciously into the borderland between time and eternity with forgiveness and love in your heart, that you may experience the miraculous certainty that you are still only and have always been the perfect eternal joy and happiness that is the creating Mind of God...

- Master Teacher

The Videos of The New Sequence Series

An Invitation To A Great Experiment

I Am One Self United With My Creator
(Music Of Ludwig Van Beethoven)


The Parting Of The Veil

If I Defend Myself I Am Attacked
(Music Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Episode I


The Parting Of The Veil

The Manual For Teachers Of A Course In Miracles
(Music By The Orchestra Of Glenn Miller)


The Cemetery Scene

in The Production Of The Story Of A Course In Miracles
(The Sound Of Tony Bennett)

Episodes I & II


The Manual For Teachers
Of Our Course In Miracles

Miracles In The Light Of Freedom

Episodes I & II


The True Story Of Our Commitment
To Remain Always Faithful
To Our Mission

Semper Fidelis


The Mission Of A Course In Miracles

A Journey Without Distance In The Space
Of An Instant Of Reality