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The Great Experiment Series

In the Great Experiment Series, which was filmed coincidently with a symposium on the interrelationship of science and religion, the Master Teacher challenges the participants (you) to stretch past the conceptual content of academic papers and personally experience your own connection with the quantum field beyond space and time, now so documented by research. He assures you that through the mind-training of A Course In Miracles, you become the experiment, the evidence of the awakening of man to a new species, Homo Inlumine.

Somewhere in the idea of the science and of the mind there’s another idea that up until that moment, while it has been contained within your memory, you simply haven’t been able to remember. This is the entire teaching of the specie of Homo sapiens. He becomes, what is the term we use, Homo Inlumine. He becomes within his factoring of conceptual self, an availability for a constancy of memory of the entirety of the universe. Shall we use the word? “Eternal.”

The Videos of The Great Experiment Series

The Joy Of The Heisenberg
Uncertainty Principle


An Invitation To A Great Experiment

Listen... Listen To This Call...

Episodes I & II


The Spiritual Transformation Program

Episode I


The Spiritual Transformation Program

Episodes II & III


The Spiritual Transformation Program

Episode IV: I Know What Time It Is Now


The Spiritual Transformation Program

Episode V: We Are Here Together At Last