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The Teachers Convention Series

In the Teachers Convention series, the Master Teacher sets the stage for a reunion of Teachers of A Course In Miracles, from around the world, to congregate in Montserrat Spain in February, 2006 for the purpose of increasing the frequency of the enlightenment of human consciousness. As viewers of these videos, we can personally share in the dramatic continuum shift that occurred and continues to occur through this event.

It’s good to see you again at this convention of ideas of coming into this field of energy, of coming into this idea that my recognition of you is going to involve, somewhere within an location of space/time, the totality that where I am recognizing you within my own mind is how you are recognizing me within your own mind.

At this convention of the gathering, we use the term from darkness to light. The three day convention is designed for a single purpose and that’s to convert the energy idea of dark form of where you find yourself in space/time by increasing the frequency of the enlightenment of your own mind in regard to what you want to see about your correspondent.

The Videos of The Teachers Convention Series