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The Miracle Healing and Rejuvenation Series

In a remarkable sequence of videos, the Master Teacher communicates the rejuvenating frequency of miracle healing first through our memories of the story of the birth of the Christ, in us, then in the healing of our dream through the undoing of our fear, and finally through the demonstration of our singular responsibility for this world and our new purpose to return Home in God.

The idea of your capacity, using the Holy Spirit of energy, to heal physical bodies is the entirety of the teaching of Jesus that it’s possible for you to heal. The power of decision is still yours to make, even despite your determination to organize yourself within the framework of time in which you find yourself. This is my entire teaching. The reappearance of the power of the conversion of light of Jesus of Nazareth in the perfection of his own body identity is nothing but this performance.

The Videos of The Miracle Healing and Rejuvenation Series

I Have Decided To Be Whole
And Perfect As I Was Created

Episodes I & II


The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

Episodes I & II


The Healing Of The Dream

We Awaken Together To Our New Dream Of Love


The Undoing Of Fear

The Present Memory Of The Healing Of The Dream

Episodes I & II


The Reason For This World

Remembering Together A Forgotten Song


We Are At Home In God At Last

The Idols Of Sickness Have Passed Away